Google applied AI to Ukrainian translationThe internet giant updated its online translation tool using AI and the modern technology of neural networks. Now you can easily convert whole sentences to Ukrainian and back, and get understandable texts as the result. The new tool is available in app or as online translator.

English to Ukrainian and back

Earlier Google could translate to Ukrainian separate phrases or parts of sentences only. Now its online translator is able to interpret whole sentences with a much higher accuracy, reported.

According to the company’s press center, this has been achieved by implementing latest technologies of neural networks and machine intellect.

Google Translate will be automatically updated for іОЅ and Android apps via and its search. It will soon be available for Chrome’s automatic translation of website pages as well.

Ukrainian has joined to the range of other languages the company has enabled for neural translation.

Last year developers announced that due to Google Neural Machine Translation system the number of errors in multiple language pairs decreased by 55-85%.

Google has launched its translation service in 2006.

Young women from Ukraine can usually speak a little bit of Russian but they may struggle to write in it, if they only studied at schools their national language and English. Since mid-1990s learning Russian is no longer compulsory and the new generation often prefers to communicate in the local dialect, as opposed to older generations who grown up in the USSR.

This is why this latest development will be quite useful for members of international dating sites like

English to Ukrainian and back

Young ladies from Ukraine usually speak their mother tongue, not Russian.

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As truth be told nowadays technology is really intriguing, sometimes I wonder will we rely on more computers than ourselves, that we may become lazy to learn new languages. However many people use google translator for learning as well, but still, some issues exist in translation. I hope that in the future these defects will be eliminated, and instead of typing, we would record any words even with dialogues.