Gallup Research Shows New low in Life Satisfaction in UkraineStaff author: Adilia S.

According to a research by Gallup, Ukrainians are the least satisfied with their lives than they have ever been in this millennium.

On the scale from 1 to 10, the average life satisfaction score in Ukraine today is only 4.

When asked about their lives in 5 years, people predict life satisfaction on the level of 5.2, which shows optimism levels are at record low.

Life Satisfaction in Ukraine Reached a New Bottom

ukraine-life-ratings 1

Gallup has never received such poor results in Ukraine.

People in Ukraine are tired of political conflicts and the decline in living standards, as evidenced by Gallup ratings. It is the absolute bottom result for life satisfaction levels since the research company started interviewing Ukrainians.

  • 36% Ukrainians “live poorly”, the highest result in the countries of the former USSR
  • 9% are “prospering” as opposed to 21% in 2011
  • 79% believe that the living conditions in Ukraine are impoverished

On the scale from 0 to 10 people in Ukraine rated their life in 2015 as “4”. The 5-year perspective also decreased as compared with 2014. The graphics show a sharper decline for the actual life satisfaction levels.

Hardly a surprise, the depressive moods permeate almost all social strata. The rankings have fallen among people of all ages, gender, and education levels.

Although wealthy people have a higher expectations about the future: Their hopes for improvements within the next 5 years are brighter, reports.

Growing Dissatisfaction

ukraine-life-ratings 3

Life ratings by region. (Graphics: Gallup)

Ukrainians are not happy with their life, which they perceive as becoming worse.

The number of Ukrainians who feel satisfied with their life dropped from 27% to 17% during the last year, whereas the percentage of people who believe that the country is suffering increased from 62% in 2014 to 79% in 2015.

People who live in the Western part of Ukraine estimate their lives higher than people from the South and the East. The eastern regions are enjoying a cease-fire after enforced military activities, but this temporary peace is rather fragile.

People living in the Northern part of Ukraine are happier than the ones living in the South and the east, but less content than inhabitants of the western regions.

More Ukrainians Are Suffering

ukraine-life-ratings 2

Ukrainians are less satisfied with their life standards in 2015 than before. (Graphics: Gallup)

The number of people who consider their lives prosperous decreased from 10% to 9% in 2015.

At the same time the percentage of Ukrainians who say they are suffering increased from 30% to 36%. It appears the ones who were struggling in 2015 are now suffering: The drop of 5% in this category correlates with the rise in the number of people who feel extremely unhappy in their life.

Ukraine’s percentages of people who suffer are notably higher than in other former Soviet countries in 2015.

The minimum salary in 2016 in Ukraine is only 1318 hryvnia/month (USD $54/month). In the majority of industries salaries are only $200-300/month.

In 2015 Ukraine has been rated as the poorest country in Europe.


Low assessment of life is more likely provoked by discontent with ongoing political and economic problems and the hardships in Eastern Ukraine.

It can be expected that these indicators will remain for as long as the country does not have a stable economics and political regime.

How The Research Was Conducted

The study was conducted in summer 2015 in Ukraine. The study involved one thousand people aged 15 years and older and was held in the form of a personal interview.

Inhabitants of Crimea and some areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions were not represented in the study, so around 10% of Ukrainian population was excluded in 2014 and 2% in 2015.


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It’s really sad.I feel really sorry for Ukrainians. Why should they suffer because of the endless political problems? When will Ukraine begin to think about people? I hope that the situation in the country will change for the better.

Srecko Bradic
Srecko Bradic

Terrible situation and I am afraid that even worst is coming. In light of this info as well many other social study made regarding Ukraine, I don’t understand something… why so many Ukraine womans on various sites, lie people abroad and try to get some money (like visa, passport, translations and so on…), why they does not use chance to merry man abroad and to live in prosperity instead to satisfy with some small benefits? Changing of their approach will change many things, their families in Ukraine will have support from their foreigner families and maybe one day some of… Read more »