Why some people are excluded by groups while others accepted?Rejection happens to us in so many ways and it’s quite an unpleasant feeling. Sometimes we have to cope with it at school, work, sports team, and romantic relationships. Scientists from the oldest university in Switzerland found out why some people are excluded by groups while others are accepted.

Why some people are accepted and others are not

When a person is rejected by a social group, other members cannot but observe that. This often occurs in a classroom or sports team. Harassment and abuse in society are considered unacceptable and can cause condemnation. However, there are cases where such behavior is perceived as acceptable and fair. For example, groups of people tend to reject those members who cause conflicts or problems.

Scientists from the University of Basel established that compassion and empathy to the rejected person are dependent on the expression of his face.

Social acceptance scale.

In their experiments, the researchers showed 480 participants pictures of male faces expressing coldness or warmth and competence or incompetence. The participants had to look at a photo during 2 seconds and decide how much is acceptable for a society to exclude the person, Science Daily reports.

Experiments have shown that people feel more acceptable to exclude the persons with cold and incompetent faces.

Interestingly, people expressing warmth and incompetence receive much more support. According to Dr. Selma Rudert, this is due to the fact that such people are often in need of help, and their expulsion are considered especially cruel.

Why some people are accepted and others are not

If you don’t want to be rejected, take care about your facial expression. Be warm and competent.

10 seconds to get a girl to like you

Of course, the person’s character does not depend on the expression of his face, but at the same time, it is something on which people base their first decision about him.

Here we come to the point how it is important to make a good impression.

From the scientists’ report, we can conclude that the first impression you make allow other people to decide whether they like you or not. By no means, it’s far from being reasonable but it’s the way it is. You cannot ignore that.

People with cold (unfriendly) and incompetent facial expression, receive less support from the public, and may be rejected. And it results from the very first moment people see them.

Your profile on a dating site is the same first impression about you. A girl has just looked at your photos, but her brain had already analyzed the data and made conclusions. The text of your profile is the way you’re talking to her. Is it adequate or weird? She bases her opinion about your intelligence on it.

When editing your page, updating photos, remember, you have no more than 10 seconds to impress the girl.

10 seconds to get a girl to like you

Your profile is the thing that should help you to get the girl to like you. Besides, making a good impression sets the scene for how your relationship will develop.



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That is so disgusting. I mean: why can’t we put up with other people’s flaws? Nobody is flawless. I just feel that all of us have psychological problems, and all we need is a big billboard, where “Fall in love with everyone around” is written across. Is that some kind of utopia?