Yulia Samoylova at Eurovision 2018.

Yulia Samoylova, Russia, at Eurovision 2018.For the first time in recent history, Russia didn’t manage to make it to the finals of the widely popular Eurovision Song Contest. The fact left many experts and patriots gasping. Yulia (Julia) Samoylova didn’t get enough votes to continue competing.

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Russia misses on Eurovision finals

Last year the greatest controversy of European singing contest was the fact that Russian entrant Yulia Samoylova was denied an entry visa by Ukraine.

The Russian selection committee announced straight away that Samoylova would be their choice for 2018 Eurovison.

The wheelchair-bound female singer was welcomed in Portugal but her vocals didn’t impress the judges and the public, and for the first time in history Russian contestant didn’t make it to the final. Obviously, Russian fans were disappointed but the result wasn’t unexpected: People complained about the selection beforehand, saying Yulia’s singing abilities were not on the level.

“She had 2 years to prepare. For 2 years it would be possible to train me to sing!” user Paveltzar complained online once the results were through. “It’s OK, we’ll try again next year,” he concluded.

In fact, most viewers commented that back vocalists sang better than the leading performer.

Russia won the contest once in 2008.

Ukrainian performer Melovin managed to make it through, to the great delight of fans. Ukraine won in 2016 and hosted the festival in Kiev in 2017.

Australian singer Jessica Mauboy also was in the same semi-final and we will see her again in the final. Yes, Australia is not in Europe, but the European Broadcasting Corporation invited the country to send a performer due to long-time cooperation and the work of Australian reporters promoting the competition locally. Initially when a performer from Australia was invited in 2015, it was supposed to be a one-off shot, but Aussies somehow managed to sneak into permanently.

In 2018 the singer from Down Under represents the country in Europe for the fourth time. It is the first country from Oceania that is allowed to compete.

The final of Eurovision 2018 will be broadcast on Saturday 12 May. In Australia, it will be already early morning of 13 May (watch the broadcast at 5 am on SBS 2).

Eurovision semifinal 2, results.

Results of the second semi-final.

Video: Russia’s performance at Eurovision 2018 didn’t impress judges and public

What do you think of Yulia’s performance at this year’s Eurovision singing competition? Let us know your thoughts below!

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Not a suprise. I feel like Russia tried to play on other people’s emotions in a dirty way and it just didn’t work. I feel bad for the girl but she really does have a bad voice, even though the song is catchy. For once i agree with Eurovision votes


As for me it was failure. And from the very start it was clear that she wouldn’t make it to the finals. I can’t understand why Russian committee for the contest could let this performance take place. It is actually an end of Samoylova’s career and a shame for the whole Russia.


Of course it’s a pity that Julia Samoilova did not qualify to the final of the international show, because all the participants representing Russia always went to the final of the show! But this does not despair, and we need to start preparing for the next Eurovision.


Honestly, that wasn’t a surpise. It was a very weak performance and there are more talented and professional singers in Russia. However, I feel sorry for Julia because after the competition she faced lots of negative comments and hate. Obviously this girl was kinda involved into political intrigues and it didn’t depend only on her desire to perform.