Cities with best restaurants, sights, and hotelsExperts named cities with the best restaurants, sights, and hotels. According to travel professionals, the best restaurants are in Rome, the most impressive sights are in Barcelona, and the most comfortable hotels are in London.

Cities with the best hotels, sights, and restaurants

Analysts from Spella took in consideration over 4 million online reviews to arrive to their conclusions, checking feedback about hotels, sights, and eateries of top-20 most popular world’s destinations.

  1. Rome is the most pleasing place to visit, researchers concluded. Its restaurants were loved by tourists who came all over the world.
  2. Barcelona became the planet’s second most loved destination. It has the most remarkable sights that travellers rave about.
  3. London came third. Tourists complimented hotels of the capital of the United Kingdom.

All three leaders are in Europe.

  • Dubai is on the fourths position in the rating.
  • Paris, which used to top world’s travel ratings, is on the fifths place. The city’s hotels seem to attract complaints from visitors, which affected its ratings.
  • New York is #6 on the list of the best cities to visit.

Which other locations made visitors happy?

  1. Istanbul (Turkey)
  2. Tokyo (Japan)
  3. Bangkok (Thailand)
  4. Milan (Italy)

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Ah, so many places of my dreams. Rome, New York, Tokyo… So many wonderful cities which are worth visiting! This list only strengthened my assurance that you should do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true! I hope that one day I will be able to visit at least some of this cities and enjoy the facilities.