Business in Russia, survey.

Business in Russia, survey.According to a recent poll, the majority of Russians think it’s impossible to run an honest business in Russia.

Public opinion poll: Doing honest business is impossible in Russia

The All Russian Public Opinion Research Centre ( asked locals what do they think about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. The majority of locals have a positive attitude towards entrepreneurs (89%) but believe that running a company honestly is not possible in their home country (62%).

Only 1 person out of 3 thinks it’s possible to run a company honestly, without hiding anything or lying to anyone.

Business in Russia, survey, table 1.

Problems for entrepreneurs

High taxes and the system of taxation in general is believed to be the biggest problem for entrepreneurs: 25% of respondents mentioned that.

Bureaucracy and the need to compete too much paperwork is seen as a problem by 22% of respondents.

16% of survey participants see the lack of funds and high investment needed as a problem.

Corruption is #4 issue in running one’s own company in the Russian Federation (9%).

8% of locals mentioned a lot of administrative barriers and frequent checks as an issue.

High interest rates and absence of support from the authorities had been mentioned as issues by 7% of respondents each.

Desire to start a business

Only 25% of locals stated they would like to give a go to working for themselves, while 63% said they wouldn’t wish to do it. 10% of poll participants already work for themselves. It’s twice as many as in 2011 and five times more than in 1991.

Among those who don’t own a business now, 13% used to have one.

Business in Russia, survey, table 2.

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At least there are notable corruption to deal with bureaucracy, paperwork , and administrative barriers.
Still better for at least some who have some connection/ money.
There are countries where corruption is minimal, so not possible to deal with the other problems, means: even more hard to do business.