8 advantages of finding a marriage partner in Eastern EuropeSome people think it’s crazy to even consider finding a marriage partner in Eastern Europe. If your friends or family are unconvinced about your search for a Eastern European wife, these are the arguments you can present when explaining why it’s a good idea.

8 advantages of finding a marriage partner in Eastern Europe

There are multiple advantages of finding a partner for a serious relationship in Eastern Europe.

1. Eastern European women are educated.

Most ladies you meet online have a college or university degree. They are intelligent and smart.

2. They are resilient.

Resilience is the quality that is important to succeed in life. They learn it naturally through living in a much harsher climate and economic conditions.

3. They are hardworking.

Basically all girls work after getting an education. They are used to providing for themselves, and they are not afraid of hard work.

4. They value family as #1 priority in life.

It is ingrained in Eastern European women that their most important calling in life is to become good wives and mothers, with career and money being a male’s domain. Slavic girls still want to support their families, but they don’t want to compete with men.

5. They take care of their looks always.

An average Slavic woman looks like a TV presenter. They spend a lot of time on their appearance, including healthy eating, exercising, and grooming. It’s easy to notice them in a crowd, because they always look great.

6. They are not materialistic.

Money-making is left to men in Slavic families, with women choosing the function of supporting the husband. They see material success as something secondary to having a good relationship and raising happy kids.

7. You can find an Eastern European wife within months.

Russians and Ukrainians marry quickly, once they fall in love and feel it’s the right person. Some couples on Elena’s Models marry within 2-3 months; the majority of happy pairs get hitched within 12-18 months. If you want to have your own family, it’s possible with ladies from Eastern Europe and you can do it very quick.

8. Your in-laws live thousands of miles away!

Okay, this one is a joke. Maybe you love having your in-laws nearby, in this case you will have to convince them to move, which is nearly impossible in case of older people from the former USSR—they love their homeland.

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Hello Elena,
What worries me the most is that lots of ladies on your website have such a high degree in education. Yes, I am very impressed by this. Many of them are doctors, lawyers, managers and so on. I cannot imagine that a 10 year younger lawyer would leave her country for me, a man who works as a machine operator in a factory. Are they not going to look down on me when I contact such a lady? Or am I seeing this wrong?


All this sounds great and are probably true, except for Nr.6. This applies to Russians and Ukrainians only and not all of eastern Europe. Over the years I have read many blogs and comments from men who lived in Russia or Ukraine; met ladies there and/or have been married to one and then sometimes divorced. The Nr. 1 complaint is that they are very materialistic. Your explanation under Nr. 6 is true, but that does not mean they are not materialistic. The complaint about materialism is their high demand on the money they require to be spend on them. You… Read more »