3000-year-old cathedral found in UkraineA 3500-year-old temple was found on the island of Khortytsia in Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

Ancient temple in Ukraine

An ancient religious complex was discovered on the territory of the National Reserve “Khortytsya Island” in Zaporizhia. The discovery is thought to date back to the 2nd millennium BC.

The staff of the reserve stated the unique finding was made during landscape works in mid-November, Kp.ua reports.

The ancient structure is located near the old riverbed of the River Dnieper (Dnepr). The complex consists of several stoneworks different in size with finery and stucco utensils in special holes. The scientists believe that the ancient “temple” belongs to the Timber-grave culture (Srubna culture).

Most probably, the fragments are parts of some specific construction of the Bronze age.

The preliminary exploration showed the discovery is about 3.5 thousand years in age.

Ancient cathedral in Ukraine

The unique complex was occasionally found during landscaping works.


Photos: Akcent.org.ua


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Wow! That’s great! I like the ancient building and something like this. You know when you see it you realize how miserable your life. It’s so old and you want to know everything about this place and this building or thing ‘cuz it’s has the history and it is like a time-travelling machine you know. And in my early childhood I wanted to be an archaeologist because even in childhood I like a history of ancient times and Egypt and ancient East and ancien Europe


I should say that it is very interesting information and a good news. I think it is wonderful to take part in such events, to learn someting new in the history, to travel doing something useful. It is difficult to imagine the age of all these things. It is so great!