10 things Russians love about America When Russian people arrive to America, there are plenty of things they admire. Anatoly Vlasov is a young Russian man who spent some time in the USA and told about his experiences in a series of videos. This is what he liked the most about America and Americans.

Top 10 things that Russians love about America

1. Americans are honest and good-natured.

Americans believe that people are essentially good, not bad. For instance, there are goods outside stores, so anyone can take them and leave, and most likely, no one would catch you. There are even stores without shop assistants, where you ring your own goods trough a cash register and no one’s watching.

For Russians, it seems ridiculous. In Russia theft is rampant and anything left without supervision would be stolen immediately. It seems astounding to Russians that Americans pay for public transport, even though there is no one standing over them and checking. “The level of consciousness in the society is off the charts,” the young Russian guy says.

Russians are shocked that a store will refund money for goods that people decided to return, simply because they changed their mind. “It makes you feel very comfortable and wanting to do things for the society’s wellbeing,” Anatoly says. The situation in Russia is just the opposite.

2. Clean streets, developed infrastructure.

“The first thing I noticed after arriving from Moscow, there is no dust in the streets,” the Russian youngster reports. All cars in the streets are ideally clean. People with disabilities have easy access to shopping centres and facilities. Russians who come to the USA are shocked by the number of people with disabilities and think Americans have more sick people.

In reality, it’s not true. Simply in Russia there is no access for wheelchairs, so disabled people cannot go anywhere and have to stay at homes. In America, disabled people feel comfortable anywhere: In a shopping centre, government offices, sporting facilities, or parks.

Roads in America are excellent and well developed, 5-6 lanes each way. For Russians, it’s fantastic. Travelling is fun.

3. Developed credit system and low interest rates.

Russians cannot believe that in the USA interest rates for home loans are only 4% and you can pay it back for 30 years. To buy a car you can get a loan at 3% interest. Similar rates for business loans also sound like something out of this world for Russians, who can only dream about such possibilities.

Russians would love to have such a stability when people aren’t scared to borrow money because they are confident about their future. (Cheapest home loans in Russia today offer 9.5% interest, usually over 12%.)

4. Calm attitude towards immigrants and personal affairs of other people.

America is a country of immigrants, this is why people of other nations, religions, skin colour, or speaking different languages are looked at calmly. Americans are taught from childhood to respect choices of other people, this is why no one will have a problem with your looks, religion, or sexual orientation. It’s your personal choice and business. Kids are taught from childhood not only to choose for themselves but also be responsible for their choices.

5. Cultural and national diversity.

In America you can find a restaurant of any national cuisine, buy goods produced in all corners of the world. Such cultural mix produces great results. There are plenty of multicultural festivals, showcasing and celebrating diversity. You can learn any language if you wish. It broadens your outlook and horizons.

6. Americans are open and sociable.

They always smile and ready to help. Strangers in the street are happy to assist you, answer any question. These smiles make you feel better. It’s better to have people smile at you, even if it’s only politeness, than being openly rude to you, like in Russia.

Americans don’t judge you by your clothes. Some American millionaires would not be allowed to enter Moscow restaurants because of the way they dress. Americans don’t try to show off, whether by clothes, cars, or behaviour.

“You will be judged not by the way you look, but first of all, by who you are as a person,” the young Russian warns. In Russia, people are highly judgmental and first of all looks your clothes and car, manners. If you don’t look successful (i.e. rich), then you will be treated like scum.

7. Feeling safe.

Except for ghettos, regular suburban areas are amazing. There are no giant fences like in wealthy neighbourhoods in Moscow. There are no metal bars on windows of lower floors, no bank-safe type of doors and locks at homes. In some areas, people don’t even lock front doors. People leave items on porches of their homes or outside on the grass, such as loan-mowers or bikes, and they won’t be stolen.

Police, ambulance, and fire service arrange be within minutes to any area. It’s hard to believe for Russians that life can be so carefree and idyllic.

8. Famous American customer service.

The level of service seems unbelievably high for Russians, used to grumpy and rude personnel at shops, government offices, and restaurants. Russians are genuinely shocked that service people are trying to help you and assist to the best of their abilities, talking respectfully and smiling at you.

“Workers literally drop any their own activities just to help you solve your question,” the Russian guy says in awe.

It’s so unlike Russia,  where employees seem irritated that they are being bothered by a customer. Russian service personnel is rude and arrogant, compared to Americans.

9. Cult of physical exercise and healthy lifestyle.

It’s a real paradise for people who love exercising, vegetarians, vegans, or devotees of a raw diet. You can find healthy food at any store 365 days a year. Fruit, vegetables, and berries are affordable. It’s very easy to eat and live healthily.

10. Pension system.

People are getting pension from the government up to 2000 dollars a month. Pensioners have a good life, they can afford to travel. Russian pensioners struggle to survive; their pensions are hardly enough to pay utility bills.

Video: Anatoly Vlasov describes 10 reasons to move to America

The young Slavic guy looks typical of today’s modern youth of Moscow or St. Petersburg. He explains to his compatriots why it’s worth to move to the U.S.A. These are the things seem amazing to the citizens of the largest country in the word.

Next week we will give you his perspective about things that Russians hate in America.

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This is not only in America. The world like described above is everywhere in Advanced Economies, or Highly Developed or First world countries. Currently, many central and eastern members of the EU and new Asian countries also have the same. … It also a joke to admire pension system in the USA. It is far worse than in any EU country. And US worker’s rights are ridiculously low. … Just don’t compare the USA with Developing and Emerging economies. It is entirely different world. After few more decades they can achieve it too.


fajzr sounds like a angry muslim. he was wrong about a 2000 a month pension. mine is going to be a little over 4000 a month with my house paid off my 100X200 lot paid off. we here in america can by large pieces of land. i have a 100 acres which is not paid off but will be by the time i retire. by the way it is the most amazing piece of land in texas. my 4000 a month does not include my 401k which just keeps going up thanks to our new president. by the way all… Read more »


And you sound like an angry conservative. 😉 I think the USA is a great country, and I think I could have a great life over there. But in general, I think life in Western-Europe is much better: we earn a little less (or at least I could earn more in the USA), and we pay more taxes, but in return we get nearly free health care, free education, terrific social security, far more payed days off (great if you love traveling), we tend to work fewer hours a week (so we have more time to spend with family and… Read more »


Mr. Anatoly Vlasov would see tremendous difference in quality of life in every Advanced economy (check lists of high income and developed countries by IMF or World Bank). For ordinary Russian citizens, even if they visit Czech Republic, Slovenia or Estonia, they would see incomparable better life there, including everything described in this article. But also higher prices, expensive rent and more competitive labour market.


About the pension, I know from my former landlord, she sold us the house and moved to United States with her family. Even though her pension is not very large, according to her words, she also earns extra money catering hot meals in the morning, so altogether it’s quite a good income. They already bought a car and travel with the whole family by car, already visited 3 counties. She used to work here as a hairdresser and her husband was a air pilot, now retired.