Why Does Russia Have a Bad Reputation?

Russia seems to have a rather bad reputation in the English-speaking world. According to Pew Research Centre (2015), the median for opinions about Russia worldwide is rather unfavourable than favourable (51 to 30).

Let’s see why people may see Russia as a bad place to live.



The famous Kremlin in Moscow.


Russian women.

And, of course, the best thing in Russia — the Russian women! In summer they look stunning.


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It’s all true about the econonic hardships in Russia today, but you also have to cinsider Russian mentality. Notwithstanding the crisis, Russian people still think they are living in a great empire country and they always have their own opinion of the interational matters. Nobody likes strong opponents – thus the bad reputation. It’s like “I’m going to do it my way.” “Oh, you Russian barbarian bear!”


It’s extremely sad to see such bad but truthful statistics. But I can tell you my story, how my friend and I went for a week to Ibiza to have some fun. Our neighbours in hotel were two funny guys from London. They were so exited to meet some Russian girls that at the day of leaving they admitted to be so wrong about Russia in many ways. Now they know that people here are kind and friendly and there are definitely no bears walking through the streets!


I saw a lot of people who used to think of Russia as a bad place to live. But they changed their opinion after they had a chance to know the country better. I don’t know a single person who wouldn’t be delighted with Russia after visiting it. People shouldn’t trust stereotypes and prejudices. Russia definitely has more pros, than cons.


It’s sad to see and to hear such truthful but bad things about my native country… Some economical facts have not a big positive side. However if we are talking about weather conditions they are really great! If you are used to ignore cold weather- OK it’s your choice but in this case you’ll never know how awesome is to feel the whole “strength” of Russian winter and to have 4 completely different season. You’ll never be bored with such unpredictable weather!))


I think it’s all true. Our country has big problems with the economy, corruption. It’s very sad that many people suffer from this and they can’t influence the situation. The state does not care about people and thinks only about making money. Unfortunately, it happens in all countries

Since when did Poland count as “western”? Notice how the country which knows Russia best, due to closeness, hates it the most… The Russian people are fine. Stupid and fanatical, of course, like ordinary people in all countries where it serves the interests of the elite to keep the people stupid and fanatical (USA, China, Saudi Arabia, etc). It’s the rulers who are the problem and always have been the problem and always will be. Lucky to live on the Soviet Union, eh? Did your grandparents ever talk about the “good old days” of the 1930’s during the purges? Everything… Read more »
I’m from Russia but I don’t think that it’s the best country in the world. However, I tried to live in Europe and realized that I’d better live in Russia. My experience corresponds with the thought that Russian people don’t like laws. For me, European laws are too strict. It is good for ecology that they recycle but it’s too troublesome. I’ve seen long lists that mentioned where you should put different types of trash and it’s so difficult. European taxes and bills are also scary; I had to forget about long showers there. And of course I should’ve been… Read more »
Abhishek Verma
“Go to Moscow, St. Petersburg, take a river cruise, ride a long-distance train. Chat to locals. You will see the side of the country that you never knew existed.” I visited Russia(Moscow, St. Petersburg & Nizhny) with one of my friend last summer. We did chat with locals and find them very helping. We where invited by a lady working in Nizhny shopping mall for having tea, I met some of the most caring people in Nizhny. No doubt all the cities are completely different from each other. I could notice a huge family life though like India. The cab… Read more »
Bogdan Miltchev
Russians have no clue today or even historically about democracy the way it exists in the West. 90% of Russia was peasants owned by the local landlords until the Russian revolution. Thus the difference between Russian people and the Western world. Russian not only tolerate, they adore and need a tyrant: a Czar, party leader, now Putin. People in the west don’t. Russia is stuck in medieval times and needs to evolve in the modern world. That is not to say there are not good and educated and worldly Russian. Those in my mind are exceptions though.