online-dating-mistakesLiving our life without Internet is hardly imaginable today, and online dating is a very useful part of it. Used correctly, it’s fun and pleasant. These online dating tips for men will help you avoid typical mistakes, develop a better profile and improve your communication with women. With my 15-year experience in online introductions and personal matchmaking, let me list for you the things successful users manage to stay away from.

Online dating mistakes

Basically, meeting women this way is similar to applying for jobs. My online dating profile tips may be as well used by people who want to get a great position in a corporate company. Think of your profile as your CV, the first communication with a woman as your cover letter, and following chats and emails as an interview. Mistakes are easy to make and may instantly cost you the job. It’s not always the best candidate that gets the position. Oftentimes, it’s the one who’s made fewer mistakes. The same is in seeking a match.

Top 10 online dating errors

Although an error may occur on any stage, these top 10 issues are critical. If you manage to stay clear of them, you will have better than average chances to succeed.

  1. Bad profile photo.
    Your picture yells (yes, yells, not just speaks!) volumes about you. Bad photo translates for women as poor attention to yourself and not caring about results of your dating venture. Have a clear, nice photo with a lovely smile! Preferably on a pretty background outdoors.
  2. Poor profile text.
    Don’t write too much or too little. Describe and show the best part of your true self. Be positive and upbeat. A little humor is always great. If you seek a serious relationship or would consider marriage or kids in some observable future, it would be smart to include it in your text.
  3. Limited ability to communicate.
    Is meeting the love of your life worth 2 hundred bucks? If yes, then get Platinum membership. This gives you the ability to write to any girl without counting how many contacts you have already spent. You also get unlimited video chats, which is immensely helpful to establish close connections.
  4. Delayed answers.
    Instant nature of today’s communication means the lady can meet another man within minutes. Being online allows you to initiate instant chat and exchange a few dozens of texts before someone else, who is too slow, wakes up to answer.
  5. Poor spelling.
    There is a spelling tool on EM, so no excuses here! Bad spelling feels careless, both in your profile and communication.
  6. Negativity.
    Complaints, suspicions, or anything negative are a turn off. Instead of complaining or being suspicious, rather change it into positive statements. For example, say how much you want to video chat with her rather than stating you need to do it to make sure she is not a scam.
  7. Discarding people too quickly.
    In the beginning, reply to all women who write to you. Communicating with more ladies will help you learn dating skills and understand girls better. You may also find new friends.
  8. Developing crushes.
    When you date online, things may seem more than they really are. A personal meeting is essential before making life-changing decisions.
  9. Innuendos.
    Avoid anything too intimate too early. Relationships for women, first of all, are based on the emotional plane, and not the physical side of love.
  10. Not spending enough time.
    If you are not well-versed in online dating and communication, spend enough time on reading women’s profiles and composing emails to them. It will pay off!

Use these tips to improve your online dating results, and you can experience more success and have more fun.


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You never know where you can find something. Great article!


Very helpful information.


I agree that photos are very important! 🙂


I find all the articles insightful, helpful and yes, common sense should prevail. Regarding photos – some women indicate that age and appearance is not as important compared to stability, dedication to family and romantic love. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but it seems the “cover” now takes on a whole new level of significance, particularly in this super fast-paced internet connected globe where instant gratification and sense of entitlement become more common. Take some more pics! Good stuff.


Yea, poor spelling (especially if you write in your native language) is the most terrible thing in communication through the Internet (for more or less literate people). To my mind, it’s even worse than a bad photo. Bright brain is able to compensate mediocre appearance.


As the famous Coco Chanel said: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. What concerns online dating your profile is your opportunity to make a good impression on someone, so it should be of high quality. Everything is impotant here: your photos, information you gave about yourself and the way in which you present it, i mean good spelling and rich vocabulary. The more truth you declare about yourself the more chances you have to find someone who has the same interests and intentions.


I absolutely agree with it! These ten facts are very important. Everybody should know that, because nobody wants make to a mistake in a relationship. Now I will be more attentive.


Good advice. These ten tips are very helpful and very important. Sometimes we don’t realise how reticent, rude, shy or freaky we could seem according to our profile. And to reach the goal, happiness, true relationships we should make efforts, open our soul and mind to other persons.


Being registered on dating sites, woman does not obligate to answer letters. Therefore, man should to catch the attention and not let them go. You are unique, do everything to make woman understand this and respond to you. This requires a very good and interesting photos and smart profile text. No complaints and, please, plenty of humor. This should be in any case the profile of the winner, which will fight for a woman and not give her to anyone.


In recent years become more popular sites of dating and social networks. In this regard, an increasing number of people prefer to meet online. However, one must be very careful, because by not knowing some of the features you can get to a scam. I believe that this is very useful advices for online dating.

One of the faults with online dating is that there is a tendency to talk to a number of potential partners at once. But then it gets difficult to remember what you said to whom already and keep each letter personal. I am afraid I have experienced letters which don’t seem to relate to the letter I last wrote, ask questions already answered and one even addressed me with the wrong name! I feel I should make some allowance as the ladies are not writing in their first language but otherwise would be disappointed by this lack of attention to… Read more »