New gadget prevents family fights and helps avoid argumentsScientists of the University of Southern California (USA) created a new tool that can help couples to avoid arguments.

No family fights in the future?

Technology is steadily acquiring more space in our daily routines. Why not, if they it is helpful? We just “google” any question and immediately find answers. We don’t even need to turn on a computer—our phones have become our faithful assistants.

Now researchers have developed a device, which is smart enough to predict family fights with the probability of 86%.

New gadget

The device was developed by American scientists from the University of Southern California. The goal of the tool is to help lovers avoid arguments that can destroy their relationships, CNET reported.

At the initial stages, the researchers collected all kinds of gadgets for measuring

  • body temperature
  • heart rate
  • sweating
  • audio signals

Then they included all these gauges into their technology to measure the level of stress in a relationship. Moreover, they equipped the device with a function of analyzing speech and voice tones.

Consequently, the gadget, made in the form of a bracelet, can predict a conflict probability between spouses with an accuracy of up to 86%.

As the researchers say, the device sends you a warning message about 5 minutes before you are likely to start screaming, fighting and slamming the doors.

For example, several minutes before you can launch a fight with your spouse, you get a message with a recommendation to take a break and meditate for 10 minutes.

On the other hand, will it be helpful if you’re angry but have no desire to pull yourself up? Probably, not.

Do we need such a bracelet?

Will it help us cope with our emotions? It might be practical, especially as a reminder to those who work on themselves and try to reach a better balance in life.

However, soap opera creators surely won’t be happy if one day such a technology wins a place in our daily routines.

In conclusion, it should be noted that scientists associate their work with a more global goal. The author of the study, Shri Narayanan, stresses that they hope to develop a technology to measure and analyze human bio-behavioral activities in a natural environment to improve scientific understanding of the human nature.

No family fights in the future?

Would you agree to wear such a bracelet to avoid arguments with your sweetheart? Source:


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It is a great innovation. Really I hope that in future this tool will help the couples to avoid arguments that destroy relationships between them. And lots of people will live a long and happy life. Anyway we live in the century of modern innovated technologies, every miracle can happen.


I often argue with my beloved. I think we really need this gadget. It is necessary to control emotions more, it always helps to avoid quarrels


The best way to avoid conflicts is having a relationship with someone who deeply respects you and your freedom. It’s hard to live with someone who thinks that he owes you and you are his property. No devices can help you in such situation.


I suppose this gadget can be really helpful. Sometimes you just don’t know when to stop and this bracelet would be perfect to save your time and nerves. I wish I had had this device in the past and didn’t ruin relationships with some important people.


A wonderful invention, I am very pleased when scientists are engaged not only in global problems such as space and etc, but also pay attention to the life of ordinary people. I would not mind taking such a bracelet. I have a terrible character, I’m very impulsive and always express everything that I think at the moment, it’s difficult for me to restrain emotions.