clone-meet-someone-compatibleI was looking through some quotes the other day, and there were a few funny pieces about having a clone. Did you ever ponder over the idea of having a clone? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone who is exactly like you, to hang out together?

Another thought is to have a child-clone. You may be bringing up a copy of yourself, and able to warn him about all the potential pitfalls of this life, and help him avoid unfortunate errors and mistakes, achieve his full potential.

Once cloning has been discovered, they quickly made human cloning illegal. But as science becomes more attainable to amateurs, with the help of almighty Internet, it may turn out to be possible within a few years than any of us will be able to do it. Would you dream of giving it a go?

We want what we don’t have

When seeking a partner, many of us are looking for someone very different from us. Qualities that we don’t have seem wonderful in another person. However, think of having a friend who is exactly your opposite. Would be keeping friendship a hard work?

The same thing with bringing up a child. If he or she were to be the opposite of what you are, it would be incredibly challenging of transferring your wisdom and experience to the youngster who wants to do all the things you never had desire of trying.

Do opposites attract?

I have heard the mantra, “opposites attract” so many times before that I didn’t even question it. For some reason, we undervalue our own brilliant qualities but value traits of other people we are unable to perfect. Calm people think outgoing guys and girls are cool. Materialistic people admire poets. Introverts envy extroverts.

If you think of yourself and your own talents, it’s a fair bet there is someone in this world who wishes to have what you do. Yet so many of us try to pretend being someone else, rather than who we are.

Are you compatible with yourself?

Admitting the truth about oneself to oneself — that’s the start of being able to tell the truth about oneself to others. When you are OK with who you are, the way you are, other people usually find it more attractive than when you are trying hard to be someone else.

Sure, we can all improve ourselves. But even being who we are now gives this world value. You work. You are a friend, and a member of a family and a community. There are people in this world who know us well, and still like us.

By the same token, you can meet a woman who will like you for who you are. Just stop looking for things that you don’t have and try to advance your social standing through your potential future partner. Make your life simpler, not more complicated. Try to find someone like you.


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There seems to be a number of different ideas that this article examines. – Would I like a clone as a friend? – Would I like to raise my own clone? – Would I like an opposite gender clone as a mate? – Are you comfortable with yourself? Clone as a friend – Yes, I would like to have a clone as a friend, but I not sure that he would be a best friend. I enjoy people who have similar interests, but I think it’s hard to be enriched by someone, who is exactly like you. He/she would have… Read more »

At this moment, I do not want to meet clone of my soul mate.I feel better when people are not like me.


A complete copy of yourself – why? what for? Nothing to discover, to share… I strongly believe that opposites attract! I have wittnessed a lot of splitups because a woman loses her identity and becomes a clone of her husband living his life with his interests, communicating with his friends. Finally the man loses any interest in her because she is just his mirror reflection: she won’t say anything new, won’t surprise, won’t arise interest…
so I do believe that your clone is very far from being one’s perfect match.


I know that in my country there lives an identical copy of me. What’s funnier, we wear similar glasses and have the same long hair. My friend talked to her once and was really shocked. As for partnership, you don’t have to be similar or different – the point is to feel physically and emotionally comfortable together and look in the same direction throughout your life.


I cannot agree with the above-mentioned common phrase “opposites attract”. I assume that in the beginning of any romantic relationships it might be curious to discover someone who has a character/habits/values completely different from yours. However, (in my personal experience) such couples do not last long. For long-term healthy relationships it is always better to have a soulmate.


In our life we mostly look for people who in a way resemble our parents. And that can actually be the reason for us taking “pain” in such a search. But we should always stay ourselves or change in a way so as not to resemble our partners.


On one hand, it’s great to have the same appearence as if you see yourself in the mirror, but on the other hand, every person wants to have individuality.


I don’t need a complete clone of myself. That’s great that people are different. I’d like to find a partner who possesses the qualities I do not have.


I do believe that we are seeking in other people features we do not possess. It is rather strange to look for someone who is your complete copy. There is no meaning in it. It’s just boring. If you want to find someone almost like you – go and look at yourself in a mirror.

On the one hand It is much easier for people to live together if they have similar everyday habits, like for example being an early riser. On the other hand if the people are the same in all their interests it might be very comfortable but there is also a danger that you just get bored with someone who is like you. Especially it concerns your faults and bad sides which for sure every person has. You will just get annoyed with them. Personaly I believe that the main thing between a man and a woman that they should have… Read more »

Would I like to have a clone as a friend? Or as a girl-friend? Of course, I’d like! The point is that I differ very much from other people, and it’s difficult for me to find common language with them. So I feel comfortably only when I am alone. I even speak to myself when I’m sure that nobody hears me. Of course, it would be better to speak to another person, but in the same time to be sure that he (she) will understand me.


My husband is like my twin: we have the same interests, same habits and even our ways of life were developing the same way! Maybe, he’s a bit more cheerful than me, but, I’d say, in 85% we are the same. Is it disturbing? No way – we understand each other perfectly and the feeling that we know each other all our life never leaves us. We even never had fights or argues with each other!

If I had a clone, I would like to find someone else to take it easy after “self-communication”. You know, the most of us have some points of character that drive ourselves nervous. For instance, extremely emotional ones often feel discomfort by watching other’s emotions. Some smart humans accept others’ opinion very hard, refusing to admit that they (others) have one. I mean, I really have an idea to write – harmony in communication of people – the main guarantee of comfort during this interaction. For example, many psychologic theories are based on this harmony, founded on dualizm – art… Read more »
If someone would ask me: “Do you want to have a clone?” I would say no. Because I have very hard character and for me it would be hard enough to talk with my own copy. It seems a little scary. Also it wouldn’t be interesting to talk with him, because I knows everything he knows and we can’t learn anything new talking with each other. It is boring. I think that all people are unique and they don’t need to copy someone, it will not make them better or more popular, but will destroy their personality and they will… Read more »

I’d like to meet someone of opposite sex who’d be very similar to me(character, tastes, appearance) but not a clone. Isn’t it wonderful to have the same interests with your love? You’ll never get bored together. What about a mantra “opposites attract” – that’s not my case. But I believe it can be a true for others.


I don’t want to have a clone. I have a good reason for it. To my mind everybody should live their own life. If you don’t know who you are you will be a clone. There is a lot of clone-people in the world, so that why I do not wanna be a clone either!