men-successful-ukrainian-womenWhen you are dating internationally, there are some cultural differences involved: for example, the view on relationships and love may be poles apart in your and her culture. Certainly, you are looking into meeting someone in Ukraine because of these differences, because you believe Ukrainian women have stronger or more traditional family values than ladies at your home country, or maybe you wish to start a family and females of childbearing age at home aren’t too keep to join you in your pursuit.

I have been managing Elena’s Models for 15 years now, and having read through thousands of success stories, I can tell you frankly what types of men are successful in finding a life partner and real marriage through our service:

1. Men who want to settle down and start a family

Women who are interested in this type of men are the ones who have never been married, divorced without children, or sometimes women who are divorced and have 1 child but want to have another one. All in all, they will be of childbearing age, which basically means they are under 35. (I know I am going to be crucified by ladies 36-45 who are single but still want a marriage and a baby, and feel they are capable and healthy for that. But usually guys who want children select women under 35.) This type of men are the most successful, since the reason why women seek partners abroad is because they want to “create a family”, and they cannot do it at home (see here why).

2. Men who seek a companion for the rest of their lives

If younger men wanting children still feel it may happen that they will divorce one day (not that they want it to happen), having their own offspring is still a priority for them over having a companion for the rest of their lives. The second type of men who are successful in using our dating site are slightly older men who don’t desire a stunning model they constantly have to be worried about, but simply want to have a good-looking lady by their side, who would want to enjoy life with them and whom they know they can keep. For these men their compatibility and mutual feeling, “that’s my soul mate for life,” is the most important.

3. Young but shy with women types

Programmers, writers, and online traders come to mind. Young western girls don’t feel like having a family in their twenties. Ukrainian women, vice versa, are considering themselves “too old” if they are not married by the age of 22, and start checking additional options, such as finding a partner overseas. They are not keen on joining in matrimonial with a 45-year-old twice-divorced father of 3, but they will be interested in a guy in his twenties, especially if he is good-looking and fashionable (not difficult to achieve, guys, just take your most stylish female friend shopping with you, and get a cool haircut). 🙂

4. Wealthy guys

If you are rich, no matter how you look and how old you are, you can meet a wonderful woman in Ukraine. Sorry, guys, it may not seem fair, but just as young pretty 20-year-old models can basically get any man in the world, affluent males have it made. You can become well off, too, if you work 16 hours a day 7 days a week, do what you love, take risks, become a great communicator, and learn to manage people. (Or if you are a genius like Sheldon Cooper. He is my favourite TV personage by the way.)

It doesn’t mean that women only want money. Not at all, and this is why types 1, 2, and 3 all have a great chance. It just means that there is certain unfairness in life, and this is why young beautiful women and wealthy guys are ahead of the pack, and they usually pair with each other.

It is also because of this unfairness that you are living in a prosperous society while girls that you are trying to date live in a country, which is going though war and economic crisis, with huge demographic disproportions (92 men for 100 women) giving you the chance to get a better quality woman than is available for you at home. It is also because of this unfairness that you have plenty of drinking water and food when there are millions of people starving in Africa. Life is unfair. Get over it.

Are you one of the types of men who have a good chance to be successful in using Elena’s Models?
Let us know what you think.


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Rogue Trader
While I do agree with you in differentiating the various types of men that are successfull in EM. I have to say that being a wealthy man does have it’s advantage. The power to have prestige and social status is all good. You feel like you are on top of the world. You’ve worked hard for your wealth. However, I would not rely solely on wealth alone to attract, date, romance, marry and protect a woman. Because wealth ids very deceiving in the eyes of the bearer and another person. You can be taken for granted for your wealth alone.… Read more »

To my mind this statement according 4 types of men concerning not only exactly Ukraine but many different countries with its women. It’s really so that women search successful good perspective foreigners cause they don’t have all that things (I mean not only material) at the homecountry with those men.


Every woman, not only Ukrainian, but all women in the world want the same type of guy that is represented here!!!
Who wants a stable relationship with one and only woman of his life. And of course Ukranian women are very beautiful and they know how to act in family, how to grow children. That’s also attractive for men from all sides of the world))
Slavic girls will always be in vogue!

Rogue Trader


I never said poverty attracts women. If you live in a country like US, Canada or Australia where there’s hardly any poverty, then basically a man has the potential to attract any woman he desires, be it middle class, rich or poor. Wealth can be a powerful aphrodisiac, but like any aphrodisiac, it is addictive and I agree, but something else is more powerful than wealth can offer. And you know the amswer to that already :).


Yes, I probably agree with this! But I am sure that there are some “exceptions to the rule”. Not all Russian and Ukrainian women want to see a rich, but unattractive and unintelligent men with them in their lives. As not all of us like men who are shy with women. I believe that if a man has a good feeling of humor, if he is intelligent and positive, he has all chances to win a woman’s heart no matter if she is Russian, Ukrainian or not!


In my opinion, a lot of ukrainian girls prefer to be lovely and live together happily. Of course, there are many women who elected money, because they prefer live in good fortune. But every woman, especially Ukrainian woman, wants to be a good mother and have a deserving family.

Tad Perry

Rogue Trader, no use denying the truth or fighting against it, either. A beautiful, young Ukrainian lady that I liked stopped writing to me when she found out that I only make $60 to $120 per hour and only work about 20 hours per week. That just wasn’t good enough for her. But it’s her choice who she picks just as it is mine. It takes two people that want each other for whatever reason they want it.


Unfortunately, many Ukrainian girls want to marry a foreigner not because of his financial situation, but because of the fact that our country has lost a true gentleman, the man willing to do everything for the woman he loves. The family is not important right now in our society. Married people don’t value marriage and soon divorce. Dedication, understanding stopped being main factors in a relationship between the Ukrainian people.

Natalilys – you are a good point. But it’s hard to believe. I consider myself such a gentleman. I began looking at EM because so many western women want to e complete equals. No romance at all. Too suspicious for that. So I was advised to look to Easten Europe. The women are beautiful and want to be loved and treated as such by a gentleman. After looking at many profiles and having my heart leap because nearly all of them wanted the kind of living relationship that I sought and you suggest, I joined. Now after nearly a month… Read more »
Personally, I think that dividing men into groups isn’t the best idea (I am not going to offend anyone, but it’s just my point of view) Let me explain myself. If a woman looks for a partner, in most cases she’ll make up her mind on the assumption of her feelings. Some girls are looking for commanders and be a reliance for them. Meanwhile others wish to feel supported – emotionally, for example. Also, I want to express my opinion about 4th type. I guess that those women who wish to get money by giving themselves away to a rich… Read more »

I agree with Guthsloove that harmonious relationships doesn’t depend on the nationality, they first of all depend on the persons themselves who plan to form a couple. They should complement each other generally saying like yin and yang. As for nice and bad persons they do present in any nation.

A quick observational comment… There is “wealth” – and there is “WEALTH”. In the ‘States, wealth is mostly expressed by material possessions – and this can be highly misleading as it is relatively simple to leverage a simple asset into a multitude of loans which allow for the purchase of the appropriate status symbols – but which do not necessarily, or so obviously, establish that the assets are fully owned and without liens… “Wealth” – except for that 1% or so of REAL money – can also be considered as a commitment to DEBT. … With a life-time observance of… Read more »

Unfortunately wealthty guys are the most successful in meeting girls. Often young girls pay attention only to a heavy purse or an expensive car. Some young girls can even go against heart to be together with a monies man while good, smart, and kind guys but without money do not attract women…… This is not a regularity but it is the main problem in todays relationships.

Jeff Kothe
FYI – I have fallen in love with a woman (and she with me) on line and we finally met in Ukraine 7 months later. I am not wealthy nor am I particularly handsome ( I am overweight but a killer smile and I am funny) and we ultimately called off the relationship because of money but it was not the amount I had or amount I would give her, it was a difference of opinion and understanding of the expectation of sharing that money. In fact, it was difficult to get her to accept even the smallest amount of… Read more »

Wealthy men have more chances, I think, but all 4 items are true. From my personal experience: my mother’s friend had been communicating with an American man, who sought a companion for the rest of his life, for half a year, and then, they get married.


I need a real man who is in a difficult situation will find a way and stay there. Will not abandon nor betray. Yes, it’s imperative that he loved, but not necessarily to be rich. The main thing that could work with his head or hands. And age is not important in love.

California Guy

My experiences were quite different. I am wealthy but never met any Ukrainian or Russian women attracted to wealth (I wish, although I do not advertise this). Likewise I never met any Ukrainan women who were interested in a family (as I am). They were all extremely materialistic and self-centered, not the family or wifely type. This must explain the low birth rate in Ukraine and Russia.

1. Men who want to settle down and start a family This kind of men should have a lot of money to be successful. None women want to create a poor family. 2. Men who seek a companion for the rest of their lives Thats most of the men. They dont need a lot of girls. Just one good looking chick is enough for them. 3.Young but shy with women types Only works if u are foreign with decent european income. And get ready that u gonna be used. Nobody likes shy guys in Ukraine. 4.Wealthy guys If u are… Read more »

Sorry for the grammar. I was kinda in hurry.


I should say it does not matter if the women are Ukrainian or not. Most women prefer handsome men who could be good friends, who are wealthy and want to get success, have a family and children. But very often women are not looking for someone. They just meet and fall in love with this or that man.

Hi, i couldn’t help to laugh a little bit when i read this. I am a portuguese 35 year old guy, i once registered in a website called “FreeDating” as a matter of curiosity, and of course, in 2 weeks i left. I wasn’t expecting so many Russian or Ukrainian women, and they were behaving if like finding a partner of a husband was sort of a business… About what they were looking for, i asked them why do Slavic women see foreign men as an option, and of course, each person is a case, some were looking for providers,… Read more »

For most of Ukrainian women family is above all else. And so they are looking for a man who would create all the conditions for happiness in their family. And all of these criteria are suitable for that.