beautiful-women-1Men are often nervous with beautiful women. But even the prettiest girl has fears and insecurities.

Knowing these reservations will enable you to understand women better. Understanding and respect are quoted as the most desirable qualities in a relationship by ladies on our dating site.

When you develop a connection with a woman, she unconsciously expects you to know what she would like — without telling you about it directly. It’s just another female peculiarity, which doesn’t depend on her nationality but appears to be a common denominator across all continents and countries. If you are able to reassure her in her unspoken doubts, she will view you as an understanding and sensitive person.

12-fears-of-beautiful-women12 secret fears of beautiful women

  1. I am too young/old. Young girls often believe they are too immature to be taken seriously. Then it instantly switches into the mode, “I am too old”, when the woman feels she is no longer as good-looking and attractive as she once was. Out of two ladies aged 24 one may think she is “too young” and the other one that she is “too old”. Beautiful women never feel, “I am at the right age”, they always feel inadequate.
  2. I am too thin/fat. Similar to the age issue, beautiful women are seldom happy with their weight. A girl who is 46 kg may think she is fat, and a lady who is 70 kg may consider herself too thin, if all her friends are slimmer or bigger than her. It’s a rare occasion to meet a female who is 100% happy with her body mass.
  3. I have bad skin. Even if you think her skin is flawless, beautiful women have pimples, like all of us. For a pretty lady every blotch feels like a disaster. She may be so concerned about a bad pimple that she cancels a date or decides not to go out. Women spend ridiculous amounts of money on skin care products and procedures, often painful. Without make up many pretty girls feel “naked”.
  4. I have cellulite. Women are prone to cellulite, which may appear already in teens. Men have no such problem, and therefore struggle to understand why girls spend hundreds of dollars on anti-cellulite creams and pills. Cellulite makes a woman feel she is fat, even if she is not.
  5. My nose/lips/ears/feet are too big. You may think she is a goddess, but she thinks some of her body parts are too big or ugly shaped. Girls spend hours in front of a mirror and find all types of flaws in themselves. Every beautiful woman secretly has a body part that she wishes looked different.
  6. I am too stupid/smart. You may think that being bright is a strength but for a pretty woman it may be a curse. Sometimes females with high IQ are treated differently or seen as geeks. By the same token, girls whose academic performance is ordinary or below average may envy their friends who get higher grades. This feeling of inadequacy continues long into their adulthood, with women trying to seem smarter or less intelligent than they really are.
  7. Men only want to use me for sex. Most girls have been told by their mothers or teachers, “Men are only after one thing”. Good-looking ladies get hit on often, and usually given compliments based on their looks alone. But beautiful women want to be recognized for who they are, not only for how they look. They want to be considered as a whole person and not just a pretty face and hot body.
  8. I will never find a partner/my partner will leave me. Beautiful women who are single fear they will never find someone who loves them and whom they also love back. Ladies who are in a relationship usually fear that the partner may leave them one day for someone else — someone more beautiful, smart, thin, sexy, young, mature, sophisticated, rich, outgoing, calm etc.
  9. I don’t have good fashion sense. Fashion and beauty are two cornerstones of every female magazine. It’s an old adage that women dress for other women and not for men. How girlfriends and other females view her is essential for a beautiful woman.
  10. My sex life is not as good as other women’s. Female orgasm being a complicated thing, many beautiful women secretly fear they are missing out on true gratification in sex. Press and TV tell girls that they should strive for more satisfaction in bed for themselves and their partners, which make them feel apprehensive that they may not be doing everything right.
  11. I am never going to be a mom/I am not a good mother. Motherhood is a natural part of womanhood. Beautiful women without kids are nervous that they may never have a child of their own. Females who have kids worry that they are not good mothers or not giving their children all they deserve.
  12. I am not doing what I should be doing. Even the most talented and accomplished woman may feel that she is not fulfilling her life’s plan correctly. Regular girls are afraid they are missing out on a really exciting job or occupation, which they would be better suited for. They all wonder if there is something else they should be doing.

All in all, beautiful women, although they appear to be confident and sometimes even arrogant, have this deeply ingrained fear, “I am not good enough, and someone is going to figure me out”. Often pretty ladies were “ugly ducklings” and unpopular at school, and still carry the scars of being a wallflower. Recognizing their eternal insecurities and embracing the scared little girl inside a gorgeous woman will help you to connect with the real human being and the vulnerable soul beneath her beautiful facade.


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Dennis Zaderaka

This is true. I think the condensed version of this article is women want to be loved and appreciated by their man. I don’t think it should be that hard to tell a woman that you love and appreciate her and that she is important in your life.

Drivel, more drivel, and balogne……this is the pop psychology, pseudo-science textbook version of what drives “good looking women”, first postulated by PhD. candidates in Psychology, to whom the truth is too trite and simplistic. There are only 3 things, in rank order, that attract a “good looking woman” to a man. 1. good looks 2. money 3.power or fame All three combined is her dream, but If she cannot have number 1, number 2 is just as good for her. If she can’t have 1or2, 3 will soothe her ego, and show her friends that she really is superior to… Read more »

This so true, and unlike other advice, it actually relates to woman as human beings. To many times, we see advice, which puts men on Mars, and woman on Venus… The problem today, in contrary to old times, is that people are becoming so selfish, and instead embracing hitch other, man and woman starts competing. You don’t compete in a relationship!… Then all ends up back to advice, and everything becomes a big mystery, and we figure how our future better half thinks. Share some love folks 🙂


Nice job lumping all woman into one single egotistical category, Gary.
Your view is about as realistic as saying that all men want woman who are dumb, have big breasts and will always do what you tell them. That might be desirable for a small percentage of the male population but there are lots of men, myself included, that would be bored with someone too dumb to hold an intelligent conversation.
Your lists of 3 isn’t even realistic. Lets face it, your number 3 automatically guarantees number 2.


That’s quit right. Even the prettiest women may be diffident and have a lot of complexes and fears. That’s because of modern standards of beauty: women look at top-models and compare themselves with them. And the result of this comparison may be very offensive for these women’s vanity. That’s why it’s very important to explain your woman that she is beautiful even if she doesn’t look as famous models do.

Joel Shapiro

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, including its own!

Working with young sweet pretty women, and being much older than they are,( at least their father if not more), it’s sad to see that their magazines are all screaming at them that they have to be super fit, super bodies, boobs and bum, sassy, smart, how X film star lost her pregnancy weight in two minutes and is now more gorgeous than ever, and if you’re not having mind blowing sex with multiple orgasms from a grateful man, well you sure are missing out. It’s hardly surprising that so many women, both stunners and less beautiful are complexed out… Read more »
Doug Hare

Women are a mystery to men. That is why the drive us crazy. They can make us feel like little boys and also make us feel like a lion.
Gods greatest gift to man is the Woman


Uh, no, they are not. It’s the dog.

Especially labs. 🙂


By the way, I quite agree here. Nobody is perfect. The beauty of the woman is a triad of qualities which has the boundless power of the woman over an opposite sex. The female beauty shakes the man, inspires, forces trembling, even to submit. But most often dazzling beauties are lonely.

Just as a good man is also lonely. I read the fears of women and find myself asking many of these same questions. It is our fears and our insecurities that prevent us from achieving the goals that we set for ourselves. Once we can come to terms as to who we are and the way we are, we can live a wonderful and fulfilling life. It is when both the husband and wife can talk freely about things, from just everyday living and to the bedroom activities, that both can achieve satisfaction both in and out of the bedroom.… Read more »
Andris Lontons
No person is perfect. This same rule applies on women also. Pretty women is that, who is loved by her man, by her husband and that lady is always the most beautiful. Beauty doesn’t consist of only ” HOW A WOMAN LOOKS LIKE” , but how good wife is she, how good mother she is, how good friend she is and whether she can take her relations long lasting. Nobody is perfect and we all do mistakes, but most important is not to repeat those mistakes and if a man/ woman loves his/her partner, forgive those mistake and go ahead… Read more »

Ok, I am 30, And I still have almost all of these fears. The exception is the point about sex and partners. I’ve never thought such way. But to tell the truth usually such fear doesn’t have reasonable grounds. Women just want men to support them and to compliment them. So, as we can see all of fears could easily be dispelled.



Women should worry less.
Everyone is beautiful in someones eyes. A good relationship can’t be based on looks only, for me it’s more important with kindness, sense of humor, to be talkative and of course her showing her feelings for me.
I have meet wounderful women from this site, we had a great time together but the chemestry wasn’t perfect, that’s why I’m back here.
But I’m absolutely sure here are many many more wounderful women waiting for me.)))

Sincerely Svante


Basically, it sounds like beautiful women have the same issues as all other people. 🙂
In my travels to Russia, I noticed that you can compliment a woman on her beauty and she appreciates it!
In the US, the political correctness has hamstrung compliments like that. And most women do not want to hear them.

All women are beautiful. It is in the eye of the beholder and if we all went for the same type then their would be a lot of unhappy people. We all need to learn to be happy with ourselves first ( I know we probably all need a few tweeks ) but there is always someone out there for us all, and hopefully this site will provide that opportunity. I have found what I perceive to be beautiful women as intimidating. This was when I was younger but now with maturity I happily talk with all women and give… Read more »

Men are definetly more intimidated by beautiful woman especially if they feel that they will constantly need to fight for their attention.

frank peeters


I think , not only woman but man have there doubts about themselves . We all look for a balance , first of all in ourselves and than you try to find it too with a nice lady you can meet on this site !
i feel balanced , and now luck is gonna happen , life is short , let’s go for it .

Have a nice evening !


Of course nobody is perfect and all women have had some or all of these doubts at a certain period of their lives! That just means that we are human)))) The trick here is to make others believe that you are impeccably flawless)
just keep calm and carry on!


Great blog. It basically sounds like things we all worry about from time to time.


Actually, all the fears are just an excuse: the basic problem, in my view, is women don’t want to do their natural job any more. They enter the men’s world and try to take a place their forgetting that laws in this world are not for them. And when they get hurt, they don’t want to admit it’s their own fault; you can’t behave like a tough guy and expext to be treated like a tender woman.


I would say that all those “secret fears” are typical not only for beautiful women, but for all women in general. And to tell the truth, I used to have some of them too. You know what helped me heal them? Love. A loving man can make any woman believe in herself and can help her to get rid of any fears.


I think it depends on the woman, cus sometimes girls realize thier shortage and thats mean she judge objectively and have an opportunity to improve herself. But if she has complexes she should find somebody to bring her over that.
Anyway, happiness is always an inside job!


A woman is beautiful when she is happy. But anyway she has to care about her skin etc. Whe she loves herself people around love her more.


Beautiful woman seem to have addictive nature’s and want the best deal possible, there pretty much the same as non sexy women,but are able to play there options , as they have more options , as striving for beauty keeps everybody going ,the beauty of love being most important , wouldn’t it be great if everybody could be happy and content ! I hope I’ve helped someone in there search cheers

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