World's first interactive movie: Viewers decide how heroes act (and determine the ending)Interactive movies are going to change the face of entertainment forever. The audience no longer remains passive during the film.

World’s first interactive movie

A reporter of the Ukrainian newspaper attended the press screening of the first interactive movie called Late Shift.

The idea of such motion pictures is simple. The film has one story and several storylines that lead to different endings.

From time to time, the film’s storyline puts the main character in a situation where viewers have to make a decision.

Questions like “Do you obey or run?”, “Join in?” or “Go to the police?” appear on the screen and the viewer has to make a choice. He picks an option on his smartphone and the heroes act as they are told by the majority of the public.

The reporter counted about 180 decision points within the screening.

Thus, the viewers decide how heroes act and even determine the ending. Expectedly, the audience is thrilled to see the consequences of their choices.

The technology was developed by Swiss company CtrlMovie, and audiences must download the app beforehand. The same software manages multiple storylines.

Synopsys: Late Shift

The film is about a student named Matt who unexpectedly gets involved in a dangerous series of events.

The film has 7 versions and a happy ending is not guaranteed. In fact, only 1 of 5 finales is the “happy ending”.

During the promotion screening, Ukrainian reporters “killed” the main hero rather quickly.

Nikolay Kudryashov, the producer from Continental Communications, explained that this movie is different. Here you have only one chance to make the right decision, just like in real life.

When Matt got surrounded by enemies, the viewers had to decide whether to let him fight or try to strike a deal. After the first option was chosen, poor Matt was shot and dropped dead.

Most probably, the situation would have the same finale in reality, Kudryashov points out.

However, people got used to watching motion pictures like Terminator or Rocky where the protagonist survives in any case. Even if he is surrounded by hundreds of armed opponents.

So, the reporters were able to watch only 85 minutes of the movie. Each variant runs between 70 minutes and 90 minutes depending on the choices made by the viewing public. In 2 options the man dies. There is also a plot where everybody is happy and rich. Altogether the film contains 250 minutes of footage.

World's first interactive movie

You have only one chance to make the right decision. And the happy ending is not guaranteed. Perhaps, it makes the movie even more thrilling.


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