Too shy to speak in a foreign language? Have a drink. British scientists are known for unconventional research. This time they came to the conclusion that having a drink is helpful for speakers of foreign languages. Apparently, a small dose of alcohol improves pronunciation and fluency in a second language.

Too shy to speak in a foreign language? Have a drink

We know that alcohol can remove inhibitions but usually we think that the quality of our skills drops under the influence. But this was not the case with speaking in a foreign dialect. When people had a little bit to drink, independent evaluators found that non-native speakers improved their pronunciation and fluency.

In other words, language performance goes up, not down, under the influence, Science Daily reported.

The experiments included non-native speakers talking in Dutch. Some participants were given an alcohol-containing drink, while others had a regular beverage.

Then the participants conversed in the foreign language. Their conversation was recorded and later played to native speakers, who rated their performance. Participants also provided self-ratings of their abilities.

The people who had a alcohol-containing drink performed noticeably better than the ones who didn’t have it.

So, if you struggle with pronouncing Russian or Ukrainian words, try a drink before your lesson.

How to learn Russian (Ukrainian) without a teacher

Learning a few phrases in the language of your online girlfriend is a sure-fire way to make her laugh. But you may also score more than just a few laughs if you manage to pronounce the words correctly.

  • Simply put a simple phrase you want to learn into Google Translate.
  • You will be given a translation. Press the audio button to hear how to pronounce the words correctly.
  • Repeat and try to remember it.
  • That’s it! Now it’s time to try it in your conversation with a girl. It will definitely bring a big smile on her face.

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I would add that alcohol is harmful to health. And it is better to use it in small quantities. And yes, it’s an interesting idea.