Viral Video: Lonely Russian Tiger Is Friends with GoatTiger Amur became friends with goat Timur, which was given to him as a live prey for dinner in Safari Park of Primorsky region in Russia. The wild life park is located near Vladivostok and port Nakhodka in the Russian Far East.

The park runs a program of breeding tigers in captivity. The tigers are given live prey consisting of goats and rabbits twice a week, so that the animals could learn to hunt.

The young Russian tiger’s bride, tigress Ussuri, will only join him in 1.5 years, as she is too young too mate.

Tiger Amur has hunted and eaten many goats before, during his 3-year stay in the park. However, he has chosen to keep his recent offering alive.

The tiger has even allowed the goat, which the park workers named Timur, to occupy his usual bedroom under the roof, while Amur now sleeps on top of the roof. Moreover, the two animals walk together, with the goat following the tiger as a leader of the pack.

Both the tiger and the goat are being fed daily. The tiger gets some meat (beef), pink salmon, and rabbits. The goat receives his feeding of hay, wheat, and dry mixture.

The park’s website published the first story about the unusual friendship a few days ago, and posts daily updates and videos. The tiger became an online sensation, with tourists rushing to take their own videos of the unusual pair.

The tiger eats his meat, and waits for his friend the goat to go to his hideout.


The tiger let the goat to occupy his bedroom, while he sleeps on the roof.

Yesterday Amur the tiger was behaving unfriendly towards the zookeeper, who entered the enclosure, as if trying to prevent him from getting too close to his newfound friend, the goat. When Timur settled in his hideout, Amur sniffed him, and went to sleep on the roof.

Today the improbable duo went for their daily walk, with Amur the tiger walking out first and waiting for his friend Timur the goat.

The viewers and commentators are worried about the goat, suggesting that the tiger may still decide to enjoy a warm meal, sitting close by.

The zoologists believe it was the goat’s bravery that let him beat the odds against the giant cat and stay alive. They say that the tiger doesn’t view the goat as a prey, and tries to avoid harming him. The goat is obviously not afraid of the tiger.

Maybe, the Russian tiger was simply lonely and needed a friend?

Video: The Russian Tiger Amur and His Friend Goat Timur

Within the last 5 days the tiger and the goat became unlikely friends, walking together, with the stripy predator acting rather protective towards his intended prey.


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