What you think won't help you but what you do will

In terms of finding a partner for a serious long-term relationship, what you think won’t help you — but what you do will.

It’s all about positive action

From time to time our Help Desk gets messages from guys who want to give advice on how a certain function on Elenasmodels.com should be working or what needs to be added. Some also believe they know better how a dating site for men seeking serious relationships with women from Eastern Europe should be working than our team of experts with over 100 years of experience between them.

  • What does the position of a certain button mean for your search for the right woman to marry? — Absolutely nothing.
  • All you need to do is to contact women. — This will change your results and marital status. Changing the way how a certain function on the website works won’t.
  • You are on the website to meet a match. — Women are also here with the same goal. Just start talking and make it happen!

Today is the best day to start your search

By search I mean communication with women, not just browsing the site and adding girls to Favorites. In 2 weeks, most ladies who registered today will be already not accessible through the site. Yes, this is how quick girls connect with someone and hide their profiles.

Alternatively, if they didn’t connect with anyone within 2 weeks, they decide “It’s not worth it” and give up, never to login again.

So, if you see someone you like today, contact her today!

Good enough is good enough

If you have been thinking about starting “one day” for a while, just realize there will be never a “perfect day” to make it happen. Good enough is sufficient. Something may be imperfect, but you can manage and get through. If this is what you want, make it happen!

What you think won’t help you, but what you do will. Simply start talking to women and things will look much simpler, once you begin conversations.

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