Social media posting, include your partner.

Social media posting, include your partner. Single people don’t need to worry about it, but once you have found someone special, the sooner you include her in your social media posts, the better.

Study: Including your partner improves relationships

In today’s world people share a lot of details of their lives online via social media. However, a recent study discovered that this could have a negative influence on your romantic relationship.

American researchers from the Universities of Kansas and Carnegie Mellon checked the effect online posts have on relationships and it appears more harm than good is done by disclosing your life to others — unless you include your significant other in the posts.

The goal of the research was to check whether romantic partners see online disclosures of their significant other as positive or negative.

Both friendships and romantic partnerships were analysed.

When a person has a large social media following, their sharing information via social networks is taken negatively by the partner, affecting intimacy and satisfaction, the study pointed out. The partner starts feeling less special.

But when the partner was included in the posts, such as being in the photo together or confirming the relationship status online, the feelings of intimacy and satisfaction increased.

Professor of psychology Omri Gillath from the University of Kansas views inclusion as the key to maintaining positive dynamics in a partnership, “This validates the relationship, and a partner likely would see their significant other’s post as caring and inclusive.”

However, this is only applicable to romantic partnerships. Friends didn’t have a problem with personal posts that didn’t include them.

The researchers confirmed that the shift from face-to-face and phone conversations to sharing the happenings of our lives via social networks had largely occurred.

So, if you enjoy posting on social media, make sure to include your partner once you have found one. This may help to improve your relationship.

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This I really can accept. When my boyfriend posted some picture on his page and captured it with something about myself it somehow felt so special. And I have to confess, I don’t want to mention him on mine, because I am more into intimacy. He sometimes gets offended on me. I wish i can be more open.