Valuable qualities of Russian women. Which qualities Russian men value in women? VCIOM, the central Russian body for studying public opinions, questioned gentlemen from 138 local towns in 46 regions to find out what they appreciated in ladies. The results of the research are presented as infographics.

Essential traits Russian males value in women

Russia’s males gave researchers responses to the open question, “What do you value in women the most?” Participants could list as many characteristics as they wished. Scientists put replies into categories.

How valuable features differ by gender? Substantially.

  • However, bear in mind that the question posed to Russian women was, “What do you find most attractive in men?
  • Guys were asked to cite qualities they find most valuable.
  • Possibly, because of the simple reason: If scholars asked, “What attracts you the most?“, they would only hear names of body parts.

If ladies were asked the same question, “What do you value the most?”, they likely would list the ability to provide for a family as one of the most important. By asking about attractiveness, this attribute didn’t even make the top 9.

Treats Russian men value in women

What qualities Russian men value in women?

Top qualities that Russians want in a woman

  1. The #1 trait that Russia’s gentlemen desire in a girlfriend or wife is beauty. 37% of males mentioned this quality.
  2. Kindness is in the second position. 24% of men seek a kind heart and compassion in a partner. Statisticians included the wish for mutual understanding into this group as well.
  3. The third quality on the list is intellect. IQ, intelligence, and education were mentioned by 18% of respondents.
  4. You may be surprised how much Russian women talk about their housekeeping abilities in their profiles on dating sites. But after looking at the results of the survey, it’s quite understandable: 14% of guys desire a woman who is a good housekeeper and cook.
  5. 3 qualities: Loyalty, femininity, and decency scored 10% of mentions each. (For a woman being decent means having zero or low number of intimate partners.)
  6. 2 traits: Honesty and soulfulness were included by 8% of participants each, as valuable for a female.
  7. Sense of humour is valued by 6% of guys. Answers put into this category also included such things as openness, sociability, and cheerful character.
  8. 4 qualities: Charm, reliability, attentiveness, and even temper (uniting calmness, obedience, and tolerance) were brought up by 5% of respondents.
  9. Affection is important to 4% of gentlemen.
  10. 3 traits: Tidiness, modesty, and the ability to be a good mother (together with family values) scored 3% of mentions each.
  11. 2 attributes: good manners and love are valuable to 1% of respondents.

731 males from 46 regions of Russia were polled by VCIOM to arrive to these numbers.


So, here you have it. Russian guys want girls who are beautiful, kind, and intelligent. The ability to cook and maintain household is also paramount.

As compared to what Russian women find attractive in men, the importance of integrity was lower for the male audience: Loyalty and decency, along with honesty, scored 28% in total (while for ladies the combined result was 60%). However, these qualities are still in the top 10 attributes valued by Russian males.

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Important is everything in the relationship between a man and a woman! Always!


I would say, for me, what is important in a man: appearance, intelligence and decency. That’s the most important things. Mutual understanding. And most importantly decency from both sides.


There are no ideal women or men in a whole world. These cliches are annoying. Why women have to match these criteria??? The most important characteristics must be pretty looks, kindness, mother-and-wife skills and also good cooking skills))