Real social dynamics discovery through speed datingResearchers found that a person’s popularity with women (or with men) depends on their genotype. To be liked by the opposite sex a person should possess the genotype that corresponds with traits common for their gender.

Traditional social roles dictate that men should be leaders and women are valued for their gentleness. People who carry genes that are linked to personality traits typical for the opposite gender, are less popular in dating. For example, a woman who carries the gene of social leadership is less liked by males, scientists found.

The speed dating experiment uncovers real social dynamics

The author of the research Karen Wu from the University of California designed a speed dating experiment, where people were rating others’ attractiveness. The scientists were interested how a person’s genotype influences his or her dating success, Science Daily reports.

More than 260 Asian Americans participated in the experiment, which took form of a speed dating with 3-minute sessions.

After a 3-minute interaction, participants needed to indicate whether they wanted to invite this candidate for another date. Respondents also provided their notes on how they viewed their potential prospects for a relationship with this individual.

The social genes

The scientists performed DNA tests of samples from all the participants. They were primarily focused on 2 genes (-1438 A / G and A118G) as these genes determine social dynamics of how people behave in relationships.

-1438 A / G  gene is responsible for such human qualities as leadership and the ability to get along with people. Vice versa, A118G gene makes people sensitive and able to sympathize.

  • Experts have found that men with -1438 A / G gene enjoyed greater success among women and received more invitations for the second date.
  • The same goes for women with the A118G gene. Such participants were chosen as desired partners more often.
  • Women with “male” genes were not so popular, as well as men with a “female” genotype.

The research findings show that people can unconsciously determine a person’s genotype through quite short social communications. The affinity between a person’s genotype and his gender contributes significantly to his or her popularity and dating success.

Karen Wu states that her study can be applied to different types of social situations such as job interviews.

The findings could be different for another ethnicity, however.

Speed dating experiment

Men with the genotype of a leader are more popular among women, just as females with the gentle genotype are popular among men.


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Wera Wox
Wera Wox

It seems to me, a person doesn’t need to know all these complex words to understand: every girl dreams that one day a prince on a white horse will come and marry her.
And boys dream of gentle and kind girls. However, all problems are not concentrated in genes as it seemed to be, but in human’s behaviour and character. Fortunately, it could be changed.