The peculiar reason why Russian women hunt for foreign husbandsYou might think there is a definite single reason why Russian women hunt for foreign husbands, but of course there is a variety of motives.

It’s not immigration

The first thing that most foreigners think about is immigration. But it’s not the reason; it’s the consequence. Because she is choosing as a long-term partner someone who lives abroad, she has to move to his country.

  • Life in Russia is not that bad as you might have thought.
  • If you want to check it, go for a trip to Moscow. 17 million people visit the city yearly and it has all the conveniences you are used to at home and more.
  • All the foreigners that I talked to who visited Russia’s capital recently are amazed at how beautiful and grand the city is.
  • There are plenty of rich people in Moscow. In fact, a few years ago it had more billionaires than New York.

So, if it was about standards of life, a Russian woman could find a luxury lifestyle in her home country without moving overseas.

There are also plenty of opportunities to immigrate for people who really want to live in a different country. Pick a country and there is a skilled migration program that gives you permanent residency on arrival. It’s not too hard to qualify for such a program for a smart educated woman.

So, if it’s not a way to immigrate, then why Russian women seek husbands abroad?

It's not immigration

There is no need for a woman to immigrate just for a luxury life in another country, because good life exists in Russia as well.

The peculiar reason that drives Russian women to hunt for husbands in other countries

If you look at top-10 reasons Slavic ladies listed as their motivators in seeking a foreign spouse, the #1 reason is their “inability to find a partner locally”.

Sure, there are demographic issues with only 86 males for 100 females in Russia, but it still means there are some men who could be interested. They didn’t totally disappear out of the face of the planet in Russia.

But these women, especially educated and professional ladies, won’t simply accept any man as a husband. Ladies in your country would not do it either.

  • Women seek a suitable partner. 
  • They want a good potential husband and father of her kids.
  • They wish to meet someone who would be able to “provide for a family” while she cannot work after giving birth and looking after the baby. Makes sense?

Naturally, physical attraction and chemistry is important, but if it’s present, is there any other criterion that ladies are looking at?

Yes, there are. That’s where the peculiarity sits.

  • In Russia, a female will not want to marry a male who earns less than her. By default, she needs to find a man who makes more money than her.

Otherwise, she won’t feel happy.

Professional women who earn higher wages are at disadvantage when seeking partners

With all the conversations about equality, affluent and professional ladies in Russia are often advised by matchmakers to hide their wealth. For example, come to a date by public transport rather than drive an expensive car. If a Russian male sees a female as making more money than him, he feels inadequate, the local dating standards dictate. But she, too, will view him as unsuitable.

At the same time, because the average salary in Russia is just over US$500 a month, nearly any foreigner with a stable job will fit this requirement of earning more than her. Then she sees him as worthy and suitable.

And marrying a worthy man is the dream of every Russian woman. They are taught since they were little girls this is what her mission in life is: To marry a worthy man and have a family.

That’s the peculiar reason why Russian women opt to search outside their homeland’s borders. They hope to find someone who meets her standards of “worthy”, and foreigners easily pass.

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