How much exercise per day do we need to stay healthy?If you wonder, “How much exercise should I do?”, there is a clear answer circa 2017.

Just 30 minutes of physical activity a day help keep the doctor at bay

You don’t have to work out at a gym to live longer. We have always known that exercise is healthy, but who has the time to visit a gym every day? Plus it may be pricey for some people. Let’s answer some burning questions about the amount of regular physical activity required, once and for all.

How much do I need to exercise?

A new study from the McMaster University shows that even walking to work can reduce the risk for any cause of death by 28%.

Dr Scott Lear, who was the principle investigator in this ground-breaking research, included countries with lower and middle incomes in order to get to the truth.

  • Just 30 minutes a day (or 150 minutes) of a moderate physical activity per week can improve one’s lifespan drastically.

Also, it doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do, as long as your heart rate increases.

This is great news for people with a lower income. For example, you can do something you like, increase your heart rate only for 30 minutes a day, and live longer without having to get a personal trainer.

In fact, personal trainers explain that for people who are overweight and not used to regular physical activities, their jump-start technique is to make people simply move.

Walking works

Walking is the simplest think you can do, as it doesn’t require any special machines or equipment. It is also absolutely free!

  • In addition to that, you can see the results already in 3-4 weeks, if combine regular brisk walks with cutting down on bad food and increasing the intake of fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • Removing sugar and simple carbohydrates such as white bread, rice and pasta, will let you lose pounds naturally.
  • Deciding to skip burgers, chips and fried foods will help to shed more extra-weight.

If exercise was a pill, it would be a billion-dollar best-seller through its proven longevity effect. But you can use this little secret to healthy life absolutely free.

Exercising is the key to keeping the body and mind healthy. It’s a billion-dollar secret to a longer life that is available to you for free.

Being in a good physical shape is also important to find a better quality woman. Energetic and fit mature man is ultimately attractive to beautiful women, who put a lot of effort to look good. 30 minutes a day is not that long, and the advantages and implications for your life will be enormous.

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Exercising and healthy diet influence your work and love life so much. I started spending time on exercises and cooking healthy food and at first it seemed like a waste of time, but in fact I became more energised and now I have energy and desire to spend time on my hobbies after work.


One of the best ways to invest in yourself is to start exercising. It is such a good habit that changes your life completely. Even when I feel tired I do something active and after it I feel more energy than before. I also really enjoy going for evening walks.


I think that it is important to have a healthy lifestyle because when you have it, quality and duration of our life improve. You even will look younger than you really are. For example, once railroad workers asked Russian President Vladimir Putin how he managed to maintain his health in good condition. He answered that there is a big difference between the words “спорт” and “спирт”. For this reason, I recommend to have a healthy lifestyle.