Having a Sense of Purpose in Life Not Only Attracts Women, But Also Prolongs LifeHaving a sense of purpose and passion for life is a distinct advantage when dating women, but it can also prolong your life. Scientists say that people who have a higher sense of purpose in their lives have a reduced risk of stroke and death.

Dr. Alan Rozanski and Dr. Andy Cohen from St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in New York say that an increased sense of purpose in life leads to improved health outcomes for the individual, Science Daily reported.

Data of over 136 thousand participants from the United States and Japan was considered in the research.

The exact nature of connection between the factors is not precisely known at the time, however, the data is conclusive across the test subjects.

  • The U.S. research used the definition of usefulness to others.
  • The Japan group evaluated their lives through the idea of ikigai (a life worth living).

The average age of participants was 67 years.

For the next 7 years participants were followed with the view of evaluating their health results.

  • 4 thousand people suffered a stroke or a heart attack.
  • 14.5 thousand of respondents died.
passion for life

Having passion for life attracts women and helps you be healthier and live longer.

A higher sense of purpose in life was connected to better health outcomes in men and women, who took part in the study: They were 20% less likely to die, as compared to people who didn’t feel their life was worth living or meaningful.

The relevance remained consistent for both USA and Japan, including groups with the previous history of cardiovascular decease.

Greater longevity, as such, becomes the consequence of better psychological well-being.

“Together, these findings indicate a robust relationship between purpose in life and mortality and/or adverse cardiovascular outcomes,” the researchers conclude.

Other studies has found previously that men in relationships live longer and are healthier than single individuals.

Thus having a loving partner may be an important factor to be able to live not only a happier life, but also live longer and healthier.


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Having a purpose in life is really good for both physical and mental health. And it is also important to have long relationships, to love and be loved. But I didn’t know that feeling worthless or not having a sense of purpose in life could have an impact on our lifespan!

Arctic Star
Arctic Star

Sense of purpose is a great thing. It makes me feel happy and live a full life. When I meet a new person I try to find out what his views and values are as well as whether he or she has a purpose. If a person has a sense of purpose he or she is a good company.