Billion-dollar secret to a longer lifeDo you want to live longer? If there was a pill that would give a guarantee of a longer life, it would be a billion-dollar business. However, there is a secret to a long life—and you can have it for free.

Being physically active extends life

We may not know the meaning of life, but each and every one of us wants to live longer.

However, truth is, you cannot buy even extra 1 month on this Earth for any treasures in the world.

But you are actually able to extend your life by being physically active, study after study confirms.

  • In fact, just 150 minutes of psychical activity a week reduces chances of dying by 28%.
  • The same amount of moving around cuts the risk of dying from heart-related deceases by one-fifth.
  • You don’t have to engage in special exercise routine to benefit: Even walking or vacuuming will help your longevity. The most important is being active, which raises the heart rate and kick-starts chemical changes in your body that add years to your lifespan.
  • If you simply walk 750 minutes a week (two 50-minute brisk walks morning and evening), your risk of premature death drops by 36%.

The latest research, which combined the largest data sample to date, reviewed facts of longevity among 130 thousand people from 17 countries.

The participants were required to answer questions about their wealth and social position, health and activities they would normally engage on a weekly basis. The respondents then provided reviews every 3 years, which allowed academics to collect records on health problems and mortality.

Want to live longer? This is how

Gyms are overrated, conclusions of the overview by Scott Lear from Canadian McMaster University and his associates confirm. You don’t need do sport-style swimming or running, or puffing in the nearest health club. Certainly, gyms don’t hurt your chances for a longer and healthier life, but if you don’t enjoy it, there are alternatives, which would work just as effectively.

You can simply walk to work, go for a stroll during your lunch break and leave the car at home when you need to pick the loaf of bread from the local store. All these little activities add up and help your overall physical accomplishment score.

You may love your gardening or going for a longer bike ride on weekends. Anything that raises your heart rate to the level of “moderate activity” is beneficial to your health.

Think of all the things you need to fix around the house: painting, moving the walls, or even mowing lawns. Maybe it’s time to fire your gardener and do it yourself? You will not only save some serious cash over the course of a year, but also amass the much needed minutes of your heart beating faster.

And, of course, we should not forget about all the benefits of an active sex life, which come as a great bonus of having an energetic and good-looking partner that you feel strongly attracted to.

This is where the benefits of romance with Russian women extend far beyond just having a pretty companion. Having a pretty wife can literally give you extra years of life, which is, as Master Card ads reiterate, priceless.

Healthy life is an active life

The World Health organization now includes recommendation to adults aged 18-64 to accumulate not less than 150 minutes of moderate physical activities per week. In addition, some of these activities should include muscle strengthening, which is recommended at least twice a week.

Just following this simple guidance would give a reduction of 8% in deaths over 7 years worldwide.

James Rudd, specialist in cardiovascular medicine from Cambridge University, proclaimed, “If a drug company came up with a medicine as effective as exercise, they would have a billion-dollar blockbuster on their hands and a Nobel prize in the post.”

What do you think now about making your life full of love?

It’s much more fun to go for a walk together with a pretty lady you can talk to while gathering 10,000 daily steps. It’s not only more fun in the bedroom, but you also get access to lots of other benefits that are not that obvious from the first sight.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade your membership on to Platinum or Ultimate and get serious about your marital status?

You only have one life. Live it to its fullest.

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“The biggest loser” TV Program showed everyone how quickly and effectively exercise and good food changes a person. People not only become more attractive but also healthier and more energetic. Naturally, they are more atttactive to someone be who could become a potential partner. What is great to know is that simple daily walks are beneficial and help to live longer. Anyone can do it!


Very often i hear from people (who are actually not active at all) that running can affect your health. You will have problems with heart, your knees and your back they say. But i am still alive and healhy, i do sport every day and i’ve never felt so alive before. Also scientists proclaim that running strengthens genitals and increase orgasm, that’s a great bonus too i think. Actually all types of sports are good and whatever you’re doing, keep it up. It’s better than lying on the sofa!


Recently I’ve been really worried about my health. I was suffering from back pains and felt tired all the time. Of course, I’ve thought that it’s because I don’t do much sports but I’m not really that type of person. But now I see that everything’s much simplier. Maybe I just should go for a walk with my friends more often and pay more attention to household duties to feel better?