TV show Married at First SightWe have all heard about love at first sight, but what about marrying someone immediately after you have laid your eyes on them for the very first time?

The TV show Married At First Sight is build on the premise of men and women being introduced to each other (or rather forced to self-introductions) on the wedding day just before saying their nuptials.

In Australia, this reality TV show became such a hit with audiences that casting for the second series started while the first one was still in progress on the silver screens.

The structure of the show

  • Best chemistry at the first sight.

    Psychologists match couples through their proven and tested methods, so that their long-terms prospects as a husband and wife are in their favour.

  • The participants agree to enter a relationship (called “marriage” for the simplicity of the situation, but in reality being an arrangement for the purpose of the show with no legal consequences). They may back down at any point, including immediately before tying the TV knot when they see their respective brides and grooms for the first time.
  • After the ceremony, which happens in a beautiful setting in the presence of their family and friends, in a white dress for the bride and a suit for the groom, to make it look as close as possible to a real-life wedding, the couple is requested to take 1-2 hours for the photos (where they need to demonstrate the level of intimacy typical of people in a close loving relationship, kiss and hug each other).
  • Following that, they are sent to a weekend-long honeymoon, where the room is equipped with only 1 bed.
  • On their return home the bride moves to the groom’s quarters, or, in some cases, the new husband may move in with his wife for 2 weeks.
  • Then the partners separate and return to their respective homes, taking all their belongings with them, except for a present — a wedding photo.
  • The newlyweds are given a break to think their relationship through, and at the end of a few days they are reunited to reveal their decision whether they wish to remain a couple.
  • After a few months, the program does a follow up to see which couples actually managed to stick together.

Married At First Sight — Australia, Season 1 (2015)

A black wedding dress? This may not end well.

4 handsome men and 4 beautiful women aged from early 20s to late 30s were matched, and all couples said, “I do” to the request to enter the relationship before the supposed altar. The ceremonies were rather awkward, with grooms and brides having to introduce themselves before saying their wows — some couples looked more uncomfortable than others. The show was broadcast in Australia by channel 9.

The wedding day:

  1. The first couple seemed perfectly OK with each other, and started to make out immediately after the ceremony, laughing, kissing, and hugging.
  2. The second couple was for a shaky start with the bride nearly failing to arrive to the wedding because she didn’t like her flowers. The gloomy bride wore a black dress, and had been giggling nervously through the nuptials but seemed relax and content by the end.
  3. The third couple seemed calm and collected, behaving very appropriately for the situation.
  4. The fourth couple was the youngest, and also the most uncomfortable of all. The bride for the largest part of the ceremony was looking away and seemed highly unsure about what she was getting herself into.

All 4 couples proceeded with marriage after seeing their match for the first time at the ceremony.

Mid-show results:

  • 3 couples had sex by the end of week 1.
  • 1 couple didn’t have sex after the first week.
  • All 4 couples had some tensions and fights during the period.

Show results:

  • 1 couple broke up before the end of 2 weeks cohabitation period, and didn’t reconnect.
  • 3 couples completed the trials, and all said “Yes” to continuing with the relationship.

Life results:

  • 2 couples broke up soon after finishing the show format.
  • Only 1 couple remained together and maintained their relationship.

The first kiss happens for the camera, right after the nuptials.

Now, try to figure out, which one of the pairs above (from the description of their wedding day) managed to stay together after getting married at first sight?

  • If you thought it was the first duo who had the best chemistry on their wedding day, you would be wrong — they were the ones who couldn’t even complete the TV format, and broke up first. (They were the only ones who didn’t have sex by the end of week 1 — all show and no action.)
  • If you thought it was the team who behaved normally, you would be wrong, too — they split up soon after the filming.

It was the youngest and the most awkward couple who managed to make it happen — the one with the unsure bride. Not only they stayed together but their relationship was truly wonderful and heart-warming, and, surprisingly, the most mature.

(To be continued)


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