Who is the "head of the family" in modern Russia?Russians are becoming less male chauvinistic, the latest research by VCIOM discovered. 60% of respondents to the 2017 survey believe that there should not be a traditional “head of the family”, while 9 years ago only 38% of people held this view.

In 2005 the majority of people (38%) believed the oldest man should manage family affairs, while 35% were for mutual decisions.

  • However, 20% of Russians (or every fifth person) still believe in 2017 the oldest man should be the head of the household.
  • 7% think that the one who earns more money should be the leader.
  • 11% feel that the person who could be more effective in the situation should take leadership.

Who is the real head of the family in Russia?

The views on “how things should be” and the actual situation in Russian families are very close.

  • 62% of respondents said there were no “head” in their households and all important decisions were made together.
  • The husband is the head in 29% of homes.
  • The wife manages affairs of 7% of households.

This question was answered only by the people who were married or in a de-facto marriage (cohabiting), which was 62% of the total number of respondents to the survey.

  • So, if the survey was indeed representative of the total population, as VCIOM intends, about 62% of Russian women and men live as couples. It’s less than 2/3 of over 18 population.
  • 38% of grownups in Russia, therefore, are single.

How happy are Russians with their marital relationships?

  • 80% of locals are completely happy in their relationships with the spouse.
  • Further 16% are “mostly satisfied” with the relationship.
  • Altogether, 96% of Russians are happy with their relationships.

In 2009 only 67% of locals were “fully satisfied” and 27% “mostly satisfied” with the spousal relations (94% in total).

Interestingly, another fact of statistics is the divorce rate in Russia, which stands at 83%: 829 divorces per 1000 marriages (2017 data).

How does the data of divorce rate support the level of satisfaction in Russian marriages? Actually, it makes sense. Because it’s very easy to divorce in Russia (the whole procedure usually takes 1 month from the moment of application until the decision on custody of the children and split of the assets is made by the judge), spouses who are unhappy would be probably filing for divorce and quickly setting themselves free.

  • 74% of respondents to 2017 survey are fully satisfied how responsibilities are divided in a family and decisions are made.
  • 69% of respondents are satisfied how the family life is going in general.
  • Russians are the least happy about their financial situation (14%). In 2009 the share of people who were happy with their financial situation was 21%.

How supportive are Russian spouses and family members towards each other?

  • The majority of citizens (61%) feel strong support from their families and relatives in difficult life situations.
  • 13% feel they have support but not to the extent they need it.
  • 8% of people said they do not feel supported by the family.
  • 13% of the people interviewed stated that in difficult times they are the ones who have to support others.

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I don’t think that in the modern Russian family the male is head of the family. In modern Russia, there are many families where a mother is raising a child alone, and even if there is a husband, he is not the breadwinner or the head of the family, woman play these role.