Tunnel of love in Ukraine: Nothing will take you apart?Tunnel of love is a romantic place located near the small Ukrainian city of Klevan. Sweet couples and newlyweds love the place. Locals say that pairs who marry here will be together forever and nothing can take them apart.

Tunnel of love in Klevan, Ternopil region, Ukraine

This beautiful tunnel appeared in Klevan by chance. It’s a section of an abandoned railway surrounded by trees. The trains were going through it and breaking off the tree branches. That’s how this amazing place appeared.

In the course of time people started to say that this tunnel is magic and full of love. It’s believed that couples that marry here become inseparable. Besides, the tunnel’s fantastic energetics can supposedly fulfil wishes. You just need to take your darling by hand, make a wish and go through the tunnel together. Be sure, your dream will come true, Udivitelno.com reports.

Local authorities want to use this place for marriage registrations. Maybe in future, any couple can officially marry here. Now only local citizens enjoy this opportunity while others come here to make beautiful pictures and simply take in the energy, according to Kp.ua.

The old railway road is situated 351 km (218 miles) from Kiev. It’s quite easy to get there by car or by train #97.

The tunnel of love will be a perfect destination for sweethearts who want to  make their meeting even more memorable. If you want your international love to last forever, visit Klevan’s most wonderful sight. It’s a good omen, locals say.

Tunnel of love in Ukraine

People believe that this place is magic and can fulfill wishes.

Tunnel of love in Ukraine

The perfect place for romantics and lovers.

Tunnel of love in Ukraine

It looks just gorgeous in autumn.

Tunnel of love in Ukraine

Even in winter, it astounds by beauty and fairytale atmosphere.

Photos: Udivitelno.com


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Tunnel looks fabulous and exciting! Wonder why local authorities still haven’t used this gorgeous place for marriage registrations. I’m sure the demand will be great and it could be a good way to supplement the local budget.


I wish one day I will visit this Tunnel of love in Ukraine! Of cousre it is silly to think that
it will help you to have a good marriage, but our future depends on our thoughts, so it’s better to
think positively and I am sure that in future you will have less problems in family life.
Or married couples can make datings here to enliven their lives.


Wow… It is so beautiful and romantic! I wish to go there! I think that it is not only a good place for couples, but it is also perfect for a beautiful and breathtaking photo shoot! I think that producer will find this place and make a movie!


What a fantastic, fairytale, amazing beauty. Many times faced this photo in network, and couldn’t imagine that it is in Ukraine. I would love to go there.


This place looks awesome in every season and weather, just like some magic place. I guess this place is equally enjoyable for couples and singles. It is a great place to feel unity with the nature and leave all problems behind. I would rather call this place the tunnel to happiness!