most-beautiful-woman-2015People’s Choice Awards for the most beautiful woman in the world is a great title to hold, but 2015 winner surprised us all. She is not new to beauty pageants, although when she found out that she had been selected as the official winner of the prized crown, her reaction was, “That’s ridiculous!”

We know her as Miss Congeniality from the famous movie, where she played a hardened FBI officer forced to learn tricks of the glamour world in order to protect pretty but defenceless Miss America contestants. Now Sandra Bullock is officially the most attractive woman on the planet, at the young age of 50.


Sandra Bullock is the official winner of 2015 People’s Choice Awards as the world’s most beautiful woman

I must say, after the initial amazement has worn off, I feel that the title is well deserved. No more the world’s most beautiful woman is a damsel in distress. She is now a mother, has a successful career, and stands strong on her feet.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the choice of People’s voters shows that times have changed. A woman can be beautiful at any age, and not only be attractive, stunning, sexy, and desirable, but also she can be celebrated as such.

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Kerry (Jules)

I am not surprised! I think she is very beautiful.


Wow! Sandra Bullock is 50! My favourite actress is 50 years old! I can’t really believe it! I thought she’s 30 or maybe 40, but not 50. Anyway, she looks like a 20 years old girl and I wish I could look so in my 50th. She is very beautiful and she really deserves this title.


I am so glad for her! She’s always been one of my favourite actreesses though I’ve never really considered her beautiful in a classical way. She is definitely a stunning actress, mother and a successful reach woman. And also she looks a lot younger her real age. She really deserves all the admarations she gets.


she is a very beautiful woman, a good actress and mother. I always admire women who can look in 50 years for 30 years. when I look at such women, I understand that a woman becomes more beautiful over the years .


The most important sense in life is to be loved. Person becomes happier and all around is shining. Sandra Bullock proved it and set an example for many women. Well done, Sandra!


In the matter of beauty age means nothing. You should love yourself, take care and look after your appearance at any time and then you’ll be given attention and admired! You will feel confident.


Thanks a lot. I didn’t realize that Sandra Bullock is 50 years old. I couldn’t keep it in my mind. I would agree with 40, but 50 … Definitely, this is an excellent surprise. I never doubt that she is smart and beautiful lady. And what is now? She has won a People’s Choice Awards. I am happy to know that people share my impression.

As for me hte age does not influence much the glory of women. Women can be beautiful in every age if they look after themselves. But if we are choosing the most beautiful woman, young girls prevail over adult women. It as an usual thing. The youth must be better than the preceding generation. And I think it is not normal, that the world’s most beauriful waman is 50 years old. I do not say that she is ugly, No, I am just pointing out that there are a lot of young ladies who are more likable. This is only… Read more »

It’s just unbelievably. Although I wouldn’t say she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, but Sandra looks really striking for her age. I’d give her no more 25 years. Much respect!


I am really happy that she was chosen as sexiest woman. I am fond of Sandra at any age of her’s. She is just gorgeous lady. There’s an old saying : “Beautiful is a person whose outside and inside world are in great concord, camaraderie and concert.” – and I belive that Sandra is like that. She is amazing at her 50s, a beautiful mother, talented actress, and I hope she will be so for a long long time =) Congrats!


At first I didn’t like her, but then I watched some movies in which she has a starring role. Her play is truly great. I suppose, her beauty is in her irresistable charm and talant. Can’t believe Sandra is fifty years old cause she looks yonger. I hope she’ll continue to be successful in her career.


Sandra Bullock is 50?? She looks really, really great for her age. She takes care of herself… but as most American celebrities, I think. Look at any American actress; most of them are still looking gorgeous. You never know, how old they are- 20 or 50.


She’s looks great, especially for her age. I stiil remember her in action thriller “The net” and in one of my favorite films “Speed”. She was perfect. Such as now.
But my favorite actress is Kim Basinger. She’s 61. And she’s ultimate great. Do you remember her in the “L.A. Confidential” or in the “The Real McCoy”? That was cool.

Everyday we face to the problem that age is very important. Each of us, and men and women want to look as young as we can. We try lots of new high prices products everyday and believe that looking one or five years younger will make us feel happy. That’s why some of us are praying for the plastic surgeries. But, in my opinion, happiness and success in life is not about how young or old we look. Society of the future will not pay attention to our age. That’s why we meet more frerquently on the covers of the… Read more »
Although the beauty of Sandra is a bit beyond international standards, Its absolutely clear to me why this title was granted to her. She manages to be a professional actress, a beauty idol and a deligent mother of an adopted child at the same time. Her beauty does not weaken through time, and ofcourse it has a lot to do with regular workouts and healthy lifestyle, but the main reason is different. Her characters on the screen represent herserf in a real life – a remarkable, strong and powerful woman, who can easily face any challenges of this life. No… Read more »

Sandra is talented and gorgeous woman! I love the movies with her participation. She looks really great at her age! So, she is worthy to be the world’s most beautiful woman! Glad for her 🙂


WOW!!! I would never have said that to her 50 years! She looks lovely, everyone would look as at her age. I completely agree that it looks like a girl 20 years. Probably, she looks like a sister of her son!!


The reason of attractiveness of women who are a bit older is their experience. I also think that they are more wise and can give more support than young girls. But still woman can be interesting and clever at any age. It just depends on person.


Most of women look better when they become older. They know exactly what kind of clothes to wear, what coiffure to make, what parfume to use. It`s no wonder that Sandra Bullock beacame the official winner of 2015 People`s Choise Awards as the worlds`s most beautiful woman. i advise all men to get acquainted with ladies their own age. Perhaps they will be wiser and more faithful than young girls.


Most of women look better when they become older. They know exactly, what kind of clothes to wear, what coiffure to make, what parfum to use. It’s no wonder that Sandra Bullok was recognized the world’s most beautiful woman. To my mind a man always wants to see near a clever, wise and faithful woman without paying attention at her age.