Russian wedding ringsSometimes I get questions from men asking about a Russian or Ukrainian girl they have been talking to online through a dating site or in real life, who is wearing a ring on her left hand on the finger next to pinky. In western cultures of the USA, UK, and Australia it is the official “ring finger” and a jewellery item on it means the lady is married or engaged.

A ring on the “ring finger” on a hand of a Russian or Ukrainian girl: Does it mean she is married?

However, in Russia and Ukraine the meaning of a jewellery item on this finger is different. It actually means absolutely nothing if a lady wears a solitaire ring on her left hand on the finger next to pinky. It’s just an ornament.

Russian wedding rings are worn on the RIGHT hand

Traditionally Russians and Ukrainians were wearing a plain gold band on the right hand (in the same position as westerners use on the left hand) as the sign of being married. There were no engagement rings, only wedding bands.

It was not necessary for a Russian guy to have a little jewellery box when he offered his girlfriend to marry him. Even now, many guys do it by simply buying the lady a bunch of flowers rather than an expensive piece made of precious metals. However, some young Russians follow the western tradition and offer a prospective bride a costly metal circle with a diamond.

The rings the couple exchanges at their wedding ceremony as the sign of their eternal love are usually plain gold bands. Although girls love to have a little diamond to be encrusted in it. But some local couples on tight budgets get the cheapest available offerings in traditional, no bling designs.

wedding bands

In Russia you will see wedding jewellery on the right hand. Most young couples opt for plain gold bands.

His and hers matching bands for a couple.

Some pairs opt for “his and hers” matching accessories. Besides, these pretty two-tone gold bands include diamonds.

What about Slavic girls living in western countries?

Ukrainian and Russian women living in the USA, Australia, Canada, or UK may not follow local customs of what a solitaire diamond piece in this position means. They could still follow their local traditions, especially if they moved recently.

  • Ladies married to Russian men would probably obey Slavic rules.
  • However, a Ukrainian or Slavic woman in a relationship with a western man will most likely display the correct marriage utility on her left hand.

So, if the lady you like lives abroad, you won’t know until you ask her directly (or ask people who know her) what her marital status is. She may be married or single. A golden circle with a stone could mean nothing.

The rule here: If in doubt, simply ask!

What about Slavic girls living in western countries?

Russian girls wear the wedding ring on the right hand.


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Yeah, it’s not the best idea to guess if a *ringed* girl in some relationship or divorced or something else ;). Really – the best decision is simply to ask. If she likes you – it’ll be OK anyway, regardless of her rings and fingers.


It should also be stated that Russian gold is generally mixed with copper, giving it a red tint, while westerners mix gold with silver, giving it a lighter color. I understand that gold is too soft a metal on its own.


It can be a real challenge trying to understand her marital status only looking at her rings. Ukrainian girls like to wear rings on their hands (sometimes even on every finger). So, don’t try to solve an impossible puzzle. Just ask about the meaning of the ring on her hand.


I always wear the ring on the ring finger of my right hand. But I’m not married still. The fact that the ring I got from my mother after her death, and it is the only finger where it sits well. Therefore, the ring on the right hand of a russian woman means absolutely nothing. We do not attach any importance to this.