Empathy and success are linked, or Why Russian women seek kind men?Swiss researchers discovered that the ability to empathise with people is linked to self-control and achieving goals. Those who are able to control their emotions are more likely to become successful in life.

Why is having empathy important?

A study by researchers from the University of Zurich showed that the mechanism of overcoming egocentrism increases one’s ability to manage emotions.

People often have to make various choices in life. For example, is it better to buy something you want now, or be patient and save money for something more important?

Such situations require the capability to effectively resist immediate impulses. Those who are able to do it make a choice in favor of future prospects and attain their goals more efficiently. Thus, self-control is essential to success in life.

Scientists studied the area of the brain that usually regulates our ability to understand others and see things from their point of view.

To their surprise, the scientists found that the same region of the brain plays an important role in regulating self-control.

The research

During the experiment participants were asked to decide:

  • What is better: To take a smaller reward now, or receive it later but get more?
  • What is preferential: To take money only for themselves, or share it with others and thus get a smaller amount?

Researchers used the non-invasive stimulation of the brain to destroy the activation of the so-called temporo-parietal junction, Science Daily reports.

After blocking the activity in this region, people made more impulsive (chose an immediate reward) and selfish (took the money for themselves) decisions. It was harder for them to show empathy and control immediate urges.

Researchers concluded that the same brain mechanisms are responsible for resisting temptations and for empathy.

The research opens new possibilities for treatment of problems associated with the lack of self-control, such as drug addictions or obesity.

This shines some light why Russian women often state in their dating profiles that they seek kind men. The girls not only want a man who is able to share, but this apparently also contributes to success in life.

Why is having empathy important?

Empathy and achieving goals are linked, researchers tell us. Possibly, this is why Russian women seek kind men.




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Empathy is linked with success on physiological level, this is great news. I believe empathy could be the motivation for some people to achieve success. They probably wish to help others, but to do so, they must have power and money. Kindness is my driving force to achieve goals, meaning my desire to help relatives and poor friends encourages me to set higher incentives every time.