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How much longer will you live for every kilogram lost?According to a recent study, you are going to live 2 months longer for every kilogram (2.2 pounds) lost. Longevity indeed depends on your slim waist line, in addition to some other major contributing factors.

Lose 1 kilogram and live 2 months longer

To arrive to such clear-cut conclusions, researchers from the University of Edinburgh analyzed genetic information from over 600,000 people along with their parents’ lifespan records.

As people share half of the information from their parents’ genes, the research team was able to compute the influence on different genes with regards to life expectancy, Science Daily reported.

Choices in lifestyle have impacts on certain parts of human DNA.

For instance, mutations in genes are linked to high alcohol consumption as well as addictions. The scientists then worked out which lifestyle choices have the greatest impact on a person’s lifespan.

Academics set to rule out possibilities that any studied connections could exist because of a separate but linked factor.

This let the researchers pinpoint the exact lifestyle factors that cause individuals to live a longer life and the ones that are sure to shorten it.

Smoking is the thing that kills the fastest

The team discovered that cigarette smoking, as well as traits linked to lung cancer, is the greatest influencer on people’s shorter lifespan, from all the factors known.

Those who gave up smoking can eventually expect longer lives. In fact, their longevity may achieve the length of life similar to people who never smoked.


If you are going to live a long and happy life, today is the perfect day to give up smoking.

Extra weight and poor diet negatively affect longevity

You are probably aware that body fat and other influencers linked to diabetes have a negative impact on human life expectancy.

So, you might ask how much longer will you live if you lose weight?

The study identified a couple of new DNA differences, which affect human longevity.

  1. The first is a gene that affects your blood cholesterol levels and linked to an increased levels of it. If you have this unfortunate gene, it lessens your lifespan by around 8 months.
  2. The second is a gene that is linked to your immune system helping it to fight illnesses. If you are lucky to have it, this adds around a year to your life expectancy.

Dr. Peter Joshi, University of Edinburgh’s Usher Institute Chancellor’s Fellow, revealed that they estimated losing a kilogram of your weight will increase your life expectancy by 2 months.

On the other hand, smoking a pack of cigarettes each day cuts your lifespan by 7 years.

Thus, the research team suggested that an increase of one BMI unit reduces your lifespan by 7 months.

Other factors affecting longevity

One major factor that will help you live longer is having a partner. Men are especially susceptible to the “loneliness epidemics”, which is blamed for shorter lives in single guys.

This means not an Internet chat buddy but a real woman who lives with you, guys. One major factor of longevity is oxytocin, which is the hormone linked to human touch. Simply holding hands with a partner have been proven to be a mild anaesthetic.

Besides, men in committed relationships not only live longer but also feel happier. It may seem scary to venture into unknown in order to find a partner in Russia or Ukraine, but it is sure scarier to die an early death.

How to live a longer and happier life?

  • Start with giving up smoking, if you still favour this “bad habit“. This will also help you to score with women, who dislike the smell of cigarettes (which includes all non-smokers). Plus, the money you save you can use on spoiling your Slavic princess.
  • Lose some weight and enjoy more attention from gorgeous women and longer life as the result (both due to health reasons and social impacts of having a partner). In just 3 months you are able to lose up to half of your body weight though moderate exercise and healthy diet. This will dramatically improve your chances with pretty ladies, who prefer guys without beer bellies. In Russia and Ukraine, a man is not expected to be good looking: The local proverb states, “A man should be just slightly better looking than a monkey.” So, your body shape is important, while the actual looks are not that influential. Besides, losing weight will also allow you to enjoy intimacy more!

Finding a loving and affectionate partner in Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus is perfectly doable.

There are thousands of real women who seek genuine serious relationship and lifetime partnerships. All you  need to do is to simply follow the proven steps.

Good luck!

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Well, at least I’m happy that I’ve given up smoking about a month ago. Even though I’m a woman, I suppose these advice are applicable to both men and women. It’s helpful for everyone to lose a couple of killograms and get rid of bad habits. Some attention to health never hurt anyone!