Russian women 8 MarchYou probably know that 8 March is the International Women’s Day. What Russian women will do today?


What Russian, Ukrainian Women Do during 8 March Weekend

We asked our female members about their plans for the 8 March weekend. In 2016 people in Ukraine and Russia have 4 days off work to celebrate: Saturday 5 March to Tuesday 8 March. Wednesday 9 March is a working day.

  • Quite a few women will be working on this day, even though it is a public holiday. Restaurants, cafes, galleries and other entertainment venues work on 8 March.
  • The simplest celebration will involve setting up a festive table and having friends and family over.
  • Other popular ways of spending 8 March for singles are going out with girlfriends to a restaurant or cafe, having a picnic or going to a park to attend organized events.
  • A few women responded that they are not planning anything special and intend to simply enjoy a day off.
  • Some single girls plan to buy flowers for themselves. (Flowers are the main theme of this holiday, which is also called “The Day of Spring”.)
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8 March most women will spend with their family or friends, set up a festive table or go out to a restaurant to celebrate.

36 Things Women from Will Do Today

  1. My mom and I are going to a restaurant.
  2. I will bake a cake and invite a girlfriend over.
  3. I am visiting my sons and we are going to a restaurant.
  4. Going to a restaurant with my girlfriends.
  5. I’ll stay at home.
  6. Not going to celebrate at all.
  7. I will be sitting at home with my son and watching cartoons.
  8. I will go to a nightclub with my girlfriends.
  9. I will celebrate with friends.
  10. I will be working on 8 March.
  11. I will go to see my mom and then celebrate with friends.
  12. I will buy flowers for my mom.
  13. I am going to a symphony concert.
  14. Just watch TV.
  15. I will send SMS to my female colleagues and cook a nice lunch for my mother and daughter.
  16. If the weather is good, we will go to a picnic with my family.
  17. I am going with a girlfriend to a gallery and then to a cafe.
  18. I will be sleeping late and then go out with friends.
  19. I will be spending this day with a very special man in my life — my son.
  20. I will spend this day with my daughter, playing and walking.
  21. I will go out with my daughter to the central park, they have events there.
  22. I don’t consider this day to be a special holiday. So, it will be just a day off.
  23. Crying at home alone because I don’t have a partner.
  24. I am performing in a concert on this day!
  25. I am going to visit an older lady who recently broke her leg. I will cook her a meal, buy her some flowers, do her washing.
  26. I will get some massage and sauna in a spa.
  27. I will go to Prague for a few days because I have 4 days free of work.
  28. I will be dreaming about a husband and a vacation on Seashell Islands.
  29. I will be dressing up in the morning, taking calls and greetings, and then I will go out with friends.
  30. My friends and I are going out to the beach.
  31. I will buy some flowers and congratulate myself.
  32. I live in the USA and I will be going to college, and celebrating later with friends. We will meet during the next weekend, cook a lot of Russian food and chat!
  33. In UK where I live people don’t celebrate this holiday. I will purchase a large bouquet of tulips for myself and go out with a friend.
  34. I will be waiting for a special message from a special man…
  35. Video chat with a special man from this site.
  36. I hope to celebrate this holiday with a potential boyfriend from this site!

Would You Like Your Future Girlfriend To Remember This Day Forever?

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Would you like your future girlfriend to remember this day forever?

Would you like your future girlfriend to remember this day forever?

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The 8th of March should be special day in woman’s life. I think that every woman must spend this day with her family or friends. But I don’t agree that she must work this day. It is a celebrate… Of course, there are some women who doesn’t like it, but I suppose that men can try to do this day wonderful.


In the morning I had a lesson with one of my pupils and he gave me a box of sweets from his mother as a present. Then my sister came to me, we were drinking tea with our family, gave and got presents, then my friend visited me, gave some presents from his mother and him, we went for a walk.

Little fox
Little fox

Very interesting survey! Many of our girls are proved to buy flowers for themselves, I haven’t known that, really! Now I understand why there are a lot of tulips everywhere in girls’ instagram accounts. By the way, thank to women for 4 days off. I hope one day every woman find her special man.


Hahaha, the best thing is a “crying at home alone because I don’t have a partner”)) Unfortunately the most women, who don’t have a partner, think so! But I think every woman should be a happy and free by herself! Of course, every girl wants to be loved, but we need to love ourselves!


My boyfriend doesn’t like 8th March. He sais that i have to feel care and desire all the year but not in one specificated celebration. Every day he brings me coffee and breakfast in the bed, although we are more than a year together. For this reason 8th of March is a usual day for me.


As I know, in Europe and USA they do not celebrate this Holiday. They have Mother’s Day and this holiday is very similar to the 8th of March. If somebody from abroad does not know our Women’s Day, I always say: “It is like yours Mother’s Day” and all misunderstandings disappear.


Every Russian or Ukranian woman wants to feel special this day. She wants to feel that she’s important to her man, this day she wants to forget about all her problems and home duties and just feel free and happy, like it was in her childhood. Remember: all women are little girls 😉


I get a buzz out of 23 point 
But if lady doesn’t have a partner then she does not have to sit at home and cry. I don’t have partner too and this fact doesn’t prevent me to enjoy this day. It is wonderful to know that today is YOUR DAY. Even if I don’t have friends to celebrate together I would have gone to the theatre, eaten a lot of sweets and finished this day taking a bubble bath.


The 8th of March is the day when a woman can devote onlyto herself. All women enjoy with attention from the boyfriend, husband or her sons. On this day, you can don’t think about the preparation for the coming guests and spend a lot of time on kitchen, and don’t be tired by the evening. A great day to get even more attention:)