Расстраиваться по поводу неудач полезно.

Feeling bad about failure is good for youHave you ever tried an activity and failed, or made a decision that turned out to be wrong? Often those who are close to us tell us, “Don’t beat up yourself about it.” Well, according to a study by the University of Kansas, you should actually feel bad about failure each and every time. It helps you to succeed the next time!

Feeling bad about failure helps you succeed

It’s surprising but reasonable thinking is not much help when it comes to recovering from a failure. In fact, academics discovered, you are better of feeling life a failure. This is the recipe for getting it right the next time!

  • For instance, if you try to simply say, “Well, it’s okay that I didn’t manage to find a loving and committed partner until now,” you may not put as much effort in your search for love.
  • If, on the other hand, you feel deeply unhappy about the fact that you are still single, then you are likely to put all you have into your search for a wife—and as the result, you will get rewards much greater than you could hope for with lukewarm efforts.

Every time you fail at something, make sure it goes to your heart and not just your head, and you are guaranteed bounce back faster, stronger and more committed to success.

The research

Scientists from the University of Kansas, USA, insist that focusing on feelings or thoughts after a failure can generate different results when the activity is tried for the second time.

  • The study suggests that concentrating on emotion after failure will improve your performance if the same task is undertaken by an individual again.
  • On the other hand, logical analysis of a disappointment can have damaging effects on your future productivity.

During the research, scholars conducted a number of experiments.

  1. In one of them, they asked students to carry out an internet search for the cheapest blender. There was a $50 reward for the student who comes up with the most inexpensive blender.
  2. However, the researchers rigged the search, thus no student could actually win.
  3. The researchers then asked some of the participants to concentrate on their emotions and the rest were asked to cognitively analyse their reason for failure.
  4. On the second attempt of the same activity, the students who focused on their emotions toward failure appeared to apply more effort than those who concentrated on rationalizing why they failed.

The study was published in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making and its authors are Noelle Nelson, Selin A. Malkoc, and Baba Shiv.

Why failure is good for success?

This study once again shows that failure is good for success.

The lessons learned, logically or emotionally, help you to find a more productive path. One path is learning from the mistake (cognitive analysis); the other path is to let yourself feel the pain in order to improve.

If it bothers you on an emotional level that you came up short on the target or made the wrong decision on a matter, then you are guaranteed to go at it with more drive and commitment the next time you try.

Failure is important because it gives you another chance to become better. Another reason why failure is good: It gives you the opportunity to achieve even greater heights.

For instance, the fact that you are single because of previous failed relationships may be painful (and allowing yourself to feel this paid is a good thing), but it also means you are now able to find a partner of a much higher quality than the women you were involved with before.

  • That’s the main reason why western men choose to seek a partner in Eastern Europe: You are able to find an amazing woman, who is both beautiful and intelligent, and also crazy in love with you.

The same with Russian, Ukrainian women you are dating: They can find a much better quality partner on Elenasmodels.com than is available for them at home.

This is why our clients who send us success stories feel so happy: They both found their dream partner. If they have not failed in relationships before, this would have never happened.

Enjoy your search for love and its results!

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In this case I completely agree. Sometimes you feel so sad about your failure and you are so angry that you have spoiled everything, that the only way to feel better is to never let yourself make the same mistake ever again. Failures, they are so painful but they are motivating as well. Everything will be alright, everything has its time.


I would like to say that the statement that feeling bad about failures let us become more successful is right because when we feel ourselves so, we begin to think and analyze why it has happened. And when we begin to understand the reasons of our failures, we become cleverer and more experienced and next time we will do in another way.