Emotional hangover: Why you remember certain things betterA phenomenon called emotional hangover may be long-lasting and affect how things are remembered by our brain.

A team of scientists from New York university has revealed why we memorize certain things better.

Why you remember certain things better

Perhaps, you noticed that some of the events of your life you remember better. The scientists believe that memories of emotionally colored events are more likely to be retained. Even deep-seated memories of an early childhood are kept in mind because they elicited an emotional response in the brain. This is how important feelings are when it comes to remembering things.

The reason is obvious: Emotionally arousing event get a better grasp in your memory.

Emotions influence our brain states for some period of time after the end of the feelings-provoking episode. This phenomenon influences how we remember the subsequent events.

To test the hypothesis, researchers conducted an experiment, Science Daily reports.

  • The first group of participants was offered to view a series of images that provoke emotions. After 10-30 minutes, people viewed neutral images.
  • Another group of participants, on the contrary, was showed neutral pictures first and then presented emotionally charged ones.

During the experiment, scientists measured the degree of physiological arousal and brain activity among all the participants.

6 hours later, people passed a test how they memorized the images.

People who first watched pictures that evoked emotions remembered neutral images better, as opposed to those who first looked through unemotional scenes.

Thus, the researchers were able to confirm that the situations and things causing emotional arousal are memorized better. Besides, subsequent events are more likely to be kept in mind if they follow something strongly emotional.

Women are ruled by emotions to a higher degree than men

This is why women cry more and their excitement also reaches higher levels.

For instance, your marriage proposal is more likely to get accepted on top of the Eiffel Tower than during a casual car ride. Give her an emotional high and you have the change to get the girl!

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It goes without saying, that remembering is more effective, when it is with emotions. As I think, people can remember anything, if they have associations with it. Therefore, that group of participants had been given emotions. And so they had bright associations, which helped them to call to memory the images.


Rightly said that women are sensitive. They cry more. It helps them to cope with stress. Men are less susceptible. They solve problems in a different way. A man should try to restrict the woman from unrest.