Elena's Models Scam Warning, Part 2Scam agencies from Ukraine paying women for writing letters and chats to foreigners are quickly adjusting to new requirements that their masters have.

Scam Agencies Keep Hiring More Personnel

I see more job ads seeking women who get paid to write letters to communicate from their own profiles or for models who allow their photos to be used to supply unprofessional selfies every month.

It doesn’t mean that the women who write letters are indeed interested in men who use the site. It only means that employees of the local agents are better prepared to stand the checks that the “master” agency requires.

I can say that for as long as you are paying for each communication (and the local agency that supplies profiles gets commissions), there will be abuse in pay-per-letter Russian, Ukrainian dating sites.

Below is the collection of ads that I pulled off the Internet today, demonstrating how actively local agents are bypassing requirements of their masters.

Did you believe that fake profiles are just a few bad apples among the wonderful landscape of paid chat beauty queens?

The scams are not rare but widespread, pervasive in every paid chat dating site. And these local agents (and master sites) are unable to change how they operate.

The only thing these scamming agents are after is commissions. Not relationships.

  • They don’t care about you
  • They don’t respect you
  • They think you are a fool, and the fool and his money…

Just like the general dating industry where clients suffer from systemic abuse through chat bots and fabricated profiles, Russian dating industry is riddled with scams. Pay-per-letter schemes encourage the spread of moral decay. By paying for chats and letters you finance people that you probably deeply despise and provide incentive for more scams and fraud in international dating. They aren’t stopping it. Just trying to avoid detection better.

Refuse to pay for communication. That’s the only way.

Elena’s Models Difference


Elena’s Models never used bots, doesn’t charge for communication, offers free translations tool, and encourages direct communication between members, exchange of contact information. Simple membership allows unlimited communication with all your contacts (including a mobile app).

  • Elena’s Models NEVER charged for communication.
  • We allow and encourage exchange of contact details (email addresses, mobile phone numbers, social accounts, Skype) and direct communication.
  • Leading scam protection software and monitoring on the site.
  • Simple membership allows unlimited communication through the site (similar to Match.com and other regular dating sites).
  • No chat bots or “initiation” bots.
  • No commissions paid to agents or agencies.
  • Full Https to ensure additional security and keep scammers away.
  • With no pay-per-letter you are assured women are not paid for talking to you.

We repeat our offer to open our systems and servers to any media outlet or industry insiders. There is nothing in our system but people registering themselves and contacting other users how they wish. Elenasmodels.com challenges any other Russian, Ukrainian or Eastern European dating site to do the same and come clear how they get their profiles, what incentives they offer (commissions etc.).

We are even happy to show media how we catch scammers and explain what barriers we put in place to ensure our members don’t get ripped off.

Since mid-2015 Elena’s Models doesn’t accept profiles of women whose photos are used on PPL (paid chat, pay per letter) sites. If we find a person who is a part of PPL systems, we delete such profiles. We also do not accept any former employees (“translators”) of such agencies, due to unfortunate legacy of these systems.

(See also: Elena’s Models scam warning — Part 1)

Job Ads of Ukrainian Dating Agencies Seeking Personnel To Perpetrate Scams against Foreign Men

I have pulled these listings today. The scams are not down, they are up. There are more listings on job sites offering vacancies for “marriage agency models” and chat operators today than 6 months ago. And you guys keep these cowboys in business by paying per letter.

Read these ads seeking more personnel to perpetrate dating scams against foreign men.



Job ad from VK.com: “Inviting personnel in a marriage agency to operate correspondence in chat on two sites from Anastasia, high income 12 cents per minute of communication +$1 per each letter. Conditions of work 6 days a week 6-8 hours a day. Stable payments to a card or when meeting personally. Profiles are very good and profitable, from you it’s only the desire to work that is required and the skill to lead dialogs. Preferably with an experience of work in this sphere. On the first stage all-hours assistance and support and also covering the cost of mailings. With questions only on the phone 0932756558 Irina.” (Click to enlarge)



Ad seeking “a chat operator for a marriage agency, translator”: “Marriage agency requires operators of chat (translators). Responsibilities: corresponding from the profile of models (chat, letters). Requirements: living in Kiev or region (candidates from other regions will not be considered); knowledge of English (is welcome by not compulsory. There is the facility to use online translator); young people under 30; communicable; want to earn. Conditions: earnings depend on the amount of work done (40% of what the profile earns); flexible schedule (desirably to work in the evenings because of time difference, minimum 6 hours. Your wages depend on that – the more letters/chats you receive, the more you earn); the work is from your home (but the training is in the office, it’s about 2-3 hours of your time); career growth (the most active and smart operators are offered the job of administrators of the agency); free training, help from colleagues; payment once a month on your bank card. It can be considered as a part-time job. Will be happy to hire a student. The vacancy is always actual, lots of spare profiles.”



Ad offering to open admin panels to operate a local agency: “[We will] open admin panels for the lowest prices!!! Price includes also the programs for work and training. Do you want to work in a marriage agency? Let it be your [own] agency!!!” (Click to enlarge)



Ad offering chat bots: “Hello. We are ready to provide a bot for Anastasia for 1 month free [of charge]. Besides the functions of the bot you will also get for free the ability for your translators and brides to see their percentages [commissions] via your personal cabinet. The bot is working, doesn’t get you fined. Instead we will need your feedback about what would you like to improve for you for free. More details on the site http://qsb.com.ua or through personal messaging. If you like it – further the prices are minimal.” (Click to enlarge)



Vacancy from 4 February 2016 for a “Photo model”: “Casting is open for the vacancy of a photo model for an international marriage agency. Requirements: attractive appearance; supplying 10 professional photos to place on an international site. Conditions: The agency will provide a photographer, studio, and makeup artist. The girl will receive the photos for free. The rights for the photos belong to the agency. Responsibilities: The model provides her photos and 2 times a month makes “unprofessional selfies” of NON INTIMATE nature. The photos work by themselves on the site, for more detailed information CALL. 098 282 68 48 Kristina”



Vacancy: Model for a marriage agency Natashaclub and Dream-marriage. Vacancy of a model! International agency seeks girls-models for photo shoots. From 18 years. Attractive appearance. Height is not important. The agency provides a photographer, studio, and makeup artist. The girl receives photos for free. The rights to the photos belong to the agency. The agency is registered as OOO “Drim-merrige”. (Click to enlarge)



Job ad from VK.com: To work in a marriage agency, girls are required. Possibly, you have already heard about such type of earnings where girls are paid bonuses (in euro) for communication in chat! No intimate or erotic direction on the site! Communication on different topics, in essence – dating site. Payments for each message as well as every minute of chat. Advantages for you: flexible schedule; work from home; unlimited earnings; payments every Monday; wages in euro; conversion to hryvnia according to the exchange rate on the moment of payment; system of bonuses and awards; training and assistance during the work; improvement and practice of English language; interesting introductions, contacts, gifts; career growth. If you are interested in such work – we are waiting for your message right now. Start earning and making your dreams come true right now!” (Click to enlarge)



Job ad from VK.com: “Girls-beauties, where are you? Our MA [marriage agency] is waiting for you to register your profiles on sites HANUMA, ROMANCE, JUMP, VICTORIYACLUB – the list of sites is expanding all the time. If you have beautiful prof. photos, you are really attractive, you are over 18 and you are not married – you [should] come to us! We offer 20%!!! of the turnover of the profile, if the man sends a gift – it’s yours. Waiting for beauties!” (Click to enlarge)



Job ad from VK.com: “Require active translators of English language in a marriage agency Love is!! Work for communicable and creative personalities. Salary in a month from 5000 hryvnia, but possibly higher, all depends on your desire to earn. The work is remote (from home). The time of work you choose yourself (from 4-5 hours a day). At the moment [we have] in presence very good new profiles of girls!!! Offering good percentage from the work on the profile!!! Responsibilities: correspondence in online regime; responses to incoming letters; attracting new clients. The level of earnings depends on your desire, persistence, ability to make interested. Also offering help during work. Experienced translators [get] special conditions of work!!! Excellent way of earning for students, mothers on maternity leave or simply the ones seeking additional way to earn in spare time from the main job!!!”


Job ad on VK: “Urgently to work in marriage agency, girls are needed with good knowledge of English language and good external appearance, who are ready to work in video chat from their own name! No erotics, simply live communication with foreign clients! On video [you] can show up for several minutes to remove any doubts of the interlocutor that the girl is real!!! Under these conditions, we offer very decent percentage from earnings on the profile!!!” (Click to enlarge)




Job ad on VK: “Girls of model appearance required to register on sites of the agency “Virginia”: flexible schedule; marital status is not important; timely payment of commissions; ability to receive payments within 48 hours (as prearranged); every month bonus additions to payments; individual conditions for every model. All questions through private messaging.” (Click to enlarge)



Job vacancy: Photo model. “International marriage agency requires goal oriented, communicable girls to work as a model, can have minimal knowledge of the English language. We will make you luxury portfolio as a gift from the best Kiev’s studio. We cooperate with the best partners abroad. Responsibilities: experience of work is not compulsory. Possibility to combine with the main job. Payment from the first day of work. Timely payments guaranteed. You will receive remuneration from your profile, the calculations 1-2 times a month (as agreed) cash or transfer to a card. Monthly bonuses, awards for best employees. If you have experience of work in a similar agency, you will be pleasantly surprised by our system of bonuses for models with experience! Maximum size of salary depends only on you. Don’t miss the chance to earn without leaving your home. Conditions: Payments in dollars (or hryvnia according to the exchange rate). High % from earnings of the profile! But depending on experience, ability to work and time of the work of the translator, we can offer a higher percentage! Systems of awards for active and result-producing employees: bonuses, higher percentage payouts depending on how much the profile earns. We are oriented on high level of work and good earnings, so we will be motivating you by different privileges.” (Click to enlarge)

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Just disgusting!!


Thank you for informing people of this leecherous behaviour and tramslating the above for us to read. Prior to reading this I signed up with Victoryaclub, despite thinking they all looked super hot and most looked like professional models. Straight after i signed up i received a steady bombardment of views/likes/favourites/messages from women. I was quite excited these gorgeous clever women could see what a gentlemen I was without even needing ANYTHING on my profile(excepting alias name). basically liking/favouriting/viewing a blank profile. I would have felt like a king if the following requirements were met: a) I actually had a… Read more »