7 foods to improve vitality.

7 foods to improve vitality.Research about the effect of food on human health is constantly being updated, however, we can already name some foods that help to improve immunity and increase resistance to illnesses. Luckily, it’s not only expensive products like salmon and oysters. There are some popular products that people normally have in their pantries. It’s just most of us rarely pay attention to that.

These simple foods will help you to boost immunity

Feeling a bit sluggish or always on the lookout for things to improve your wellbeing and health? Here is a short list of foods that will assist in improving the inner balance of your immune system.

  1. Green tea
    A glass of green tea per day doesn’t only give your energy but enriches the body in substances that fight viruses as well.
  2. Garlic
    Garlic is rich in sulphur, which is important to fight off illnesses and viruses.
  3. Carrots
    During the cold season, especially in winter, it’s really useful to consume products full of beta carotene. Besides carrots, good sources of beta-carotene are cod-liver oil, dairy, eggs, pumpkin, broccoli, tomatoes, melons, mangoes, and apricots.
  4. Spinach
    These green leaves have everything to support the immunity: Vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, beta-carotene. Also this product energizes our immunity system, which helps to manage chronic illnesses.
  5. Mushrooms
    Mushrooms are a rich source of beta-glucane, selenium and vitamin В2, as well as some other useful micro elements for immunity.
  6. Yoghurt
    Eating yoghurt is as useful for your health as probiotics. Naturally, that’s only applicable to natural yoghurts, with no sugar and additions.
  7. Oats
    Oat meal does not only improve your immunity but it also reduces the level of cholesterol and helps our bodies to resist viruses, fungus, and bacteria.

But still, physicians warn that our health depends not only on food that we eat regularly but also on the level of health, chronic illnesses and age. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

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Paul Rose
Paul Rose

Hello everyone. I have tried every diet there is on my way to being vegan. Of all the diets I tried, it was 100% fruit that gave me the most vitality. You can not live on it forever, but a week is no problem. Too Much Information follows;I I peed in a bottle and smelled it. I pooped in a cup and smelled it. My urine had no odor….my poop had almost no odor and what it had for an odor wasn’t unpleasant. I felt like, if I flapped my arms up and down I could fly. My energy was… Read more »


Paul, fruit only diet? Is it OK to eat berries?

Paul Rose
Paul Rose

When you eat berries, you can eat a wider variety of colors than if you eat larger fruits. Some people think the chemicals that create color in plants is good for you so a wider variety of colors gives you a wider variety of these chemicals. Some people also think blue is the best one. There is a Jordanian Youtuber that is a raw vegan foodie. Her whole family has brown eyes and she had brown eyes too. Her eyes changed to blue. She thinks it was due to spiritual evolvement and eating blueberries. I have no opinion, as in,… Read more »


Wow, you know your fruit, Paul!