10 tips how to become confidentWould you like to become more confident? It’s easier than you think. If you really desire to be confident, and ready to follow these simple tips to achieve it, you will certainly become more self-assured.

You don’t need money to achieve a greater composure. The impression of confidence comes from your self-presentation, and not from external criteria that people have. Most of it is in your body language, and how you speak to other people, rather than what you say or how much money you make.

Top 10 Things That Will Make You Appear More Confident

  1. Slow down

Jerky movements are typical of people will low self-esteem. If you make your movements larger and slower, you will appear more confident. Slow down your speech and be mindful of your voice tone.

  1. Have a purpose

Doing things without a purpose, like finger drumming or leg swinging, makes you look insecure. Learn to avoid unnecessary movements. When walking into the room, decide straight away where you are going, and proceed with poise.

  1. Become self-observant

Learn to be conscious of what you are doing, all the little things and gestures. Be aware of your movements and facial expressions as you watch TV, walk in a shopping center, talk to others. Imagine seeing yourself as if you were an observer. Sit still for 5 minutes without moving a muscle. Don’t glaze around — look at one spot straight. (This is what people call meditation. It’s not as hard as some guys think.) Remember this feeling, and compare it with how you feel when moving around.

  1. Plan ahead

Most insecurities come from feeling powerless. Plan ahead, and you will be able to stop procrastinating, and start moving forward.

  • Think what you want to achieve.
  • How can you go about it? Name at least 3 ways.
  • How did other people do it?
  • What would the person you admire suggest you to do?
  • What if the money wasn’t a problem?
  • What is the worst thing that could happen if you go ahead?
  • How can you ensure it doesn’t happen, or what can you do if it does?
  • What is the best thing that could happen?
  • What won’t happen if you do not give it a go?
  • What’s stopping you from starting to do it right now?

Many people dwell too much on things they cannot control. Better decide what you are going to do with the things you are able to manage.

  1. Dress up

This is one of the simplest ways of feeling more confident instantly. The better you are dressed, the more favorably people look at you. White collared shirt and well-fitted dress pants or slacks, comfortable and nice-looking shoes will instantly make you look successful and poised.

  1. Jazz up your personal hygiene

Flossing twice daily, using a mouthwash, deodorant, and male perfume are simple ways to improve the experience of people around you. Every woman likes a man who smells nice. Shower whenever you had a sweat, some guys do shower 2-3 times a day, morning, night, and after exercising. Water has an immediate effect of calming nerves, reinvigorating your energy, and allowing endorphin to flow into your bloodstream — the happiness hormone. Happy people naturally appear confident.

  1. Exercise

If you don’t exercise daily, start right now. Do 10 push ups, 10 set ups, and 10 squats. Go for a 15-minute walk outside, no matter what’s the weather (unless it’s a tornado). Here, much better. Now, go online and sign up for a gym near you, or find a series of exercises that you can do without equipment at home, if the money is tight.

Stop making excuses. If you have time to read online tips how to become confident, you have time for exercising. Do at least 30 minutes of active movements a day. It will give you extra energy, improve your blood circulation, and provide another endorphin boost. Your skin tone and muscle tone will improve within weeks, and you will become more attractive, no matter how big or skinny you are now. The higher energy will make you look more confident.

  1. Talk to people

What? You need to talk to people? Yes, you do. Confidence is the knowledge that other people like you and approve of you. Chat to the bartender who is selling you coffee, or the cashier who is scanning your groceries — the gender is not important. “Busy day?” is a perfect opening line. Keep an eye contact. After all, they are paid to be nice to you.

  • Find out if the woman who sells you gas is married or has a kid.
  • Buy a box of croissants in the bakery and knock on neighbors’ door to offer them a couple, while they are still fresh.
  • Buy a pretty flower, and give it to the girl in the fruit and veg shop.
  • Sign up as a Red Cross volunteer, and walk around the neighborhood asking for donations.
  • Find a weekend job at a cafe as a waiter for a couple of months, or offer services of a handyman through brochures distributed in your area.

Simply talk to more people than you usually do, including strangers. You will see that no one hates you or thinks poorly of you. Count how many people you have talked to today (real ones, online chats don’t count) — make sure that you double this number tomorrow, and triple the next day.

  1. Spring clean your house

Studies confirm that nice environments make people more relaxed, and clattered and dirty surroundings create anxiousness. Open all curtains and clean the windows. Clean the fridge and the pantry, throw out the old food. Take all things out of their regular places, clean the closets, and then put back in order. If you haven’t used something in 12 months, maybe it’s time to get rid of it, give it away or sell in a yard sale. Move the furniture around. Have the carpets and lounges professionally cleaned. The more stuff you throw away (you don’t even have to sort it out if you don’t want to), the happier and more confident you will feel.

  1. Limit screen time

It’s easy to become engrossed in TV or Internet today. Switch off your computer, and promise to yourself that you will only spend 2 hours maximum of your non-working time in front of a screen daily. With all the spare time you  suddenly have, you can move mountains! Use it to become more confident through the methods above. You may also consider a second job or volunteering to help others, which will further assist your self-assurance.


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Glen MacCallum
Glen MacCallum

Great tips, especially about becoming self-observant (which we all should to more of) and plan ahead. Also like the idea of walking straight to a point in a room. Thanks!


Excellent councils! I would like to add to them still something. It is necessary to introduce this councils in life not everything at once, but one in a week or two weeks. Because it is very difficult to concentrate at once on all points. For example, the first week to control the movements, to pay all attention to it. In the second week in addiction to control of movements to pay the main attention to the speech – try to sperk more slowly and quietly. And so on.


Useful tips, thanks much! I always wondering why when I cannot make a decision I always go and clean my apartment. When all stuff is on a right place, I am pretty much ready to find a solution for almost all the complicated problems. I even didn’t suppose that it is a lack of self-confidence were talking inside of me =-)


Yeeah! There are many really good advices. I could learn it for myself)) It can help people to reach their goals and aspirations! Also I would add something else, for example to talk to yorself every day and recognize yourself stronger every day, you think it is strange, but ask yourself “Do I really know myself?” …well you can’t answer impeccably. The second rule is to surround yourself by succesful people who loves life and can give you good advices and inspiration. The third is to read more books of cours, we should cultivate as it’s possible!


Please remove the sentence “You will see that no one hates you or thinks poorly of you.” Actually, this does happen sometimes. Learn from it, deal with it, but do not deny that it happens.