Scientists confirm: Women and men see things differentlyBritish scientists confirmed that men and women see things differently. They found that gender differences affect the way how a person perceives visual information.

How women and men view faces

A team of researchers from Queen Mary University of London used a special device to track eye movements of nearly 500 people while they were looking at faces on a computer screen. The experiment lasted for 5 weeks.

Apparently, women pay more attention to the left side of a face. In addition, females spend more time exploring faces, Science Daily reports.

The findings cannot be regarded as accidental due to the large number of participants. Besides, people’s ethnicity didn’t matter—representatives of more than 60 nationalities were involved in the test.

The scientists say that they can now determine the gender of a person only by the movement of eyes. The method had been proven correct 80% of the time.

The main author Dr. Antoine Coutrot underlines that it is the first evidence of gender-based differences in how people view things.

During the experiment, the participants looked at faces of different actors via Skype-like interaction. People also reported how much eye contact they were comfortable with. The total duration of the test was about 15 minutes.

So, now you know. Ladies spend more time studying your face than you do looking at theirs. It’s another reason why you really need a good photo in your profile!

How women and men conceive visual information

Very often men and women have a dissimilar approach to the same situation. As a matter of fact, even the ways they look at things differ.



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Actually it’s well known fact without any science works and we can’t be sure that science is objectively true in anyway. The problem of nowadays science is work for many employers where there is no progress, just words like: “British scientists got something new..” . I think science is more useful for areas like astronomy, biology etc.


“The scientists say that they can now determine the gender of a person only by the movement of eyes.”

This has been known for ages. Before a date the average men will always have to remind himself not to stare at… well, you know what. 😉


We all know that men and women come from different planets and see things absolutely differently. What matters here is their background and the way their parrents treated each other, we often just copy the way our relatives behaved thats all.


It is true that women look at things with attention. I guess women are more attentive than men. I saw many situations when a woman has noticed more than man. Moreover, women discern more colors, types of clothes, cosmetics and many other things. And It’s God’s plans. It must be such way. We can do nothing about it.