American-guys-like-Russian-girls (3)American guys like Russian girls because they are beautiful and feminine. It may sound like a promotion but it’s the actual truth.

10 reasons why American guys like Russian girls

  1. Beauty. Girls from Russia are devoted to beauty and fashion. Looking after oneself is considered to be #1 priority for a woman. Single females need to look pretty to attract a man and ladies who have partners must keep them from straying, which is a commonplace in Russia due to demographic disproportions (86 men for 100 women) and cultural paradigms (it is a widespread belief that “all men cheat on their wives”).
  2. Femininity. Females of Russia love to feel feminine and prefer to highlight their differences with males, not to compete with guys. Please don’t throw stones at me. It’s not my fault. I didn’t make it this way, it was already like this. I am just stating the facts.
  3. Family values. Girls from Russia are family oriented from the day they open their eyes. By this I mean that young girls in Russia are brought up to become mothers and wives. Again, please don’t stump your feet — that’s the country’s culture and I had nothing to do with it. Females of Russian Federation truly believe that a woman can only be happy if she has a husband and 2-3 kids.
    10 reasons why American guys like Russian girls

    Girls in Russia are brought up to become wives and mothers from the early childhood.

  4. Marriage-mindedness. I am not sure all guys dating Russian girls want to marry but they surely take advantage of the fact that females would do basically anything to get a serious relationship of their dreams. What are their dreams? A husband, kids, and happily ever after. Western kids are programmed to succeed, the same with Russia’s youth. However, in Russia success is gender-specific: For boys it’s their career and for girls it’s their own family. The efforts that western women spend on achieving financial freedom Russian females spend on trying to catch a husband. I am not exaggerating. Who is the first to get married is a competition among young ladies. This is why they put a lot of effort in relationships and don’t discard a partnership because of little things.
  5. Traditional views on roles of men and women. It’s pretty nice for a guy when his girlfriend cooks, washes his clothes, cleans the place, and doesn’t complain about “doing everything”. My husband cooks and I love it (he constantly jokes that he got a defective Russian wife, not a proper one — I am not really a “housewife” type). I am pretty sure a guy whose girlfriend does everything for him would feel pleased. Girls in Russia are brought up that house chores are their responsibility in a family, while the husband’s duty is to provide. By the way, a moniker for intimate activities (sex) in the Russian language sounds as “spousal duties” (it’s both a husband’s and a wife’s duty). If a man cheats on his wife, it’s considered to be her fault: she didn’t look after herself to “stay interesting for him”, didn’t give him enough sex, wasn’t providing him with tasty food or had a messy house. The woman is never justified to cheat: “Everybody knows men simply cannot abstain sexually”. The man is considered guilty in his wife’s displeasure if he failed to provide for the family. As you can see, pretty traditional views on roles of a man and a woman in a partnership.
  6. Gentle personality. Because girls want to get married to fulfil their dreams and achieve “true female’s happiness”, they are more tolerant and patient. Russian girlfriends are devoted and loyal.
  7. Education. If you compare an average Russian girl with an average American college student, Eastern European females have a broader knowledge on a variety of subjects. That’s how they are educated in schools and universities. However, their professional knowledge may be not as sharp, because of the same reasons. Russians are taught to follow the book, while Americans have to constantly learn, research, and improve. Russians know a little about a lot of things; Americans know a lot about one subject that is important to them.
    10 reasons why American guys like Russian girls

    Girls from Russia have a broader knowledge on a variety of subjects.

  8. Expressiveness. Russian girls are allowed to be expressive, as it adds to their femininity. They want to be seen as dainty ladies. Watch any American movie from 1980s and see how women are portrayed as compared to today’s films. Did you notice the difference? That’s the distinction between modern American women and Russian ladies.
  9. Directness. There is little political correctness in Russia. Americans are increasingly growing tired of the constant political correctness in everything where you are not allowed to call a cat, “cat”, or mention colour, ethnicity, gender, etc. It may be like a breath of fresh air to chat to someone who is not afraid to talk straight. Ask Mr. Donald Trump.
  10. Relaxed attitude. Due to all of the above, guys feel at ease with a Russian girlfriend. It’s totally opposed to being judged every second. Men are not afraid to make mistakes, do something wrong, or look like a fool. Once a Russian woman is committed to a guy, she will go all the way and work hard to keep the relationship: It’s not easy to get a partner and she has invested a lot.


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He-he) Of course all the Americans will love Russian and Ukrainian women for their beauty, it is true, for their wisdom, their feminine soul, because we can be kind, and good listeners. I don’t know what is the typical American woman, but I wish to see her and compare and I am sure it is the strong vice-versa to our woman. Guys will feel ease with communication with Russian woman,right. One of my American friend told me – “you’re a miracle”, for the question “Why?” HE answered – “Because nobody treats me here like you”. They will adore us for… Read more »

I guess the most of this is true. I heard from a Russian girl who had an American boy he was much exited of her behavior and always follows her waiting what she was doing next. Russian women are quite unpredictable but in a good manner, so you never bore with them.


As a US man, I can tell it is that Ukrainian/Russian women act like a lady. Take pride in themselves and their appearance. Personally I have witness American, includes Canadian women till put on ,what we call a good face to achieve set goal of finding a “sugar daddy”. I am sure there are Ukrainian/Russian women like this, but the majority are very good women inside and out.

What I would like to understand is why there is a mindset men do not live long. Someone be open about this HAHA!


Dear friends, it is true that Russian girls are family oriented and good housekeepers. It’s not a myth. But only if she married for love.