winnerMeet the winner of 2017 Elena’s Models Best Photo Contest! After 9 months of monthly rounds and 2 weeks of voting for the finalists, the jury has decided on the best and most deserving entry to take the Grand Final Prize in the inaugural photo contest of

  • The prize of $5,000 goes to Maria from Russia, who joined the list of finalists after winning the monthly round in September 2017.

Maria (Moscow, Russia) is the winner of 2017 Elena’s Models Best Photo of the Year Contest

After the marathon 9-month competition and the 2-week final in January 2018, it was clear who was the most deserving contestant to take home the title for the Best Picture of 2017.

The prize also includes a cash award of US$5,000.

Winner of the Best Photo of the Year competition on Elena's Models.

Maria (Moscow, Russia) is the winner of 2017 Elena’s Models Best Photo of the Year Contest.

Maria attracted a large following and support behind her stunning entry into Elena’s Models Photo of the Year Contest.

The standards of her entry and the integrity with which she handled the competition impressed the jury, which after much deliberation agreed on the winner.

Our congratulations to the winner and big thanks to all the gorgeous finalists and participants in monthly promotions! It was a great pleasure and honor to have you joined the competition. We hope that you will again join the 2018 promotion, which is to be launched soon. There are some great prizes in store for new participants.

Gentlemen can participate, too. Participation in the photo competition is free and can give you an amazing promotion among pretty ladies, members of

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Yes she is very beautiful, but I don’t see how this helps people on EM find their match.

If you are going to have a contest, please make it one that helps the greatest number of your members both male and female. And please allow us to delete or remove those banners from showing up every time we log in.

Keith Hinchcliffe
Keith Hinchcliffe

Maybe not, but everything is in place to help you find your match already. I disagree, and personally believe the contest is a good promotion; mostly for the women, yes, but men are not excluded. It’s okay to to have some criticism, but may I suggest you include how you think it can be improved. After you buy a membership.
As to the banners, they’re easily deleted; top right corner.


How can this type of contest be a good promotion for most of the women? The majority of the women are pretty but not in the same class as the winning entries and may feel slighted by only promoting the most beautiful women. Furthermore as a paying member who has met and VideoSkyped with many women on EM, I personally prefer the non-professional photos because the difference between the professional photos and reality can come as a real shock. The winning entry was obviously a pro shot and possibly photoshopped to perfection. Furthermore, yes you can remove the banner by… Read more »