Destiny in Russian CultureSlavic people and particularly Russian women deeply believe in the concept of Destiny. This concept is widely accepted in Russian culture as the basis of human existence.

It Has Been Destined

What is Destiny?

Russian women would prefer to believe that anything positive that happens to them was predetermined, rather than think it was due to their own efforts.

In Arabic culture there is also a concept of a predetermined set of events that a person cannot escape, “it has been written”. In other words, it has been designed to occur by a higher power and it would be unwise to attempt to change it or act against it.

It Has Been Destined

Nowhere else the concept of Destiny is as strong as in love affairs.

Destiny in Love

Nowhere else the concept of Destiny is as strong as in love affairs. Russian women believe that a lady is supposed to follow a man’s lead in a relationship, even to the point of giving up only due to an immense pressure.

Russian ladies think that the harder a man pursues her, the more he values her and likes her (the hunter-prey model of courtship). This, in their minds, increases the probability that he will remain faithful and won’t leave her for another woman.

The Tale of Two Halves

The Tale of Two Halves

Russian culture dictates that a woman should follow a man’s lead.

Russians routinely call their partner “my other half”, or simply “my half”. The language reflects the core belief that every person has a single potential partner that was “destined” for them.

This person is their “ideal partner”, and once they find this individual, everything is supposed to be working amazingly well.

Because Russian culture dictates that a woman should follow a man’s lead, the burden of finding his One and Only “half” lies on a man. Then he needs to convince the woman that he is serious and demonstrate to her his commitment.

Lots of work on a man, but it is also a reflection of a more dominant position of the male in a love union. By leading in a relationship and moving it forward, a man makes it comfortable for a woman to be with him.

Using The Concept of Destiny

Even if you simply don’t make fun of the concept of destiny and accept it means a lot for Russian women, it’s a good start.

Feeling she follows some higher plan allows a woman to relax and stop questioning her decisions. There is always a lot of anxiousness connected with life changing decisions, this is why mentioning Destiny may quiet down her fears and apprehension.


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Regarding the fate of … I’m not a fatalist , but most of the people he manages his life , he must determine what it is he wants from a relationship with a partner . Yes, men are strange creatures , from the many statements it appears that the woman they need , mainly to take care of. It is both true and false. For many , unfortunately , is not paying attention to the marriage . Themselves to blame , and the fate of all .