Tiny robots build… molecules!

Have you heard about robots doing pizza deliveries in large cities and driverless cars? Well, this is so last year. Scientists from the University of Manchester created world’s first robot that can build molecules. Molecules-building micro robots The nano-sized robots are not much bigger than molecules themselves and contain no more than 150 atoms. The…

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7 complaints of Ukrainian wives

What happens in marriages of Ukraine women with local guys? Why Ukrainian ladies are looking abroad in search of a dream partner, instead of trying harder to find someone at home? Discover top 7 complaints Ukrainian wives have about their spouses. Top-7 complaints of Ukrainian wives What are the things that test patience of ladies…

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Hope for PPL victims? Deceitful Internet entrepreneur fined 410K for lying to consumers

Federal court of Australia fined cunning Internet entrepreneur Belle Gibson 410,000 dollars for misleading and deceitful statements. The case was handled under consumer law legislation. Gibson claimed to cure herself from cancer through food and healthy living, which allowed her to pocket hundreds of thousands in sales of an app through iTunes. She managed to maintain her…

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Being single can kill you

Loneliness epidemic has struck the world and is becoming a frightening threat to public health, even more dangerous to longevity than excess weight. The adverse health impacts of social isolation are substantial, the results of latest research revealed at the recent annual APA conference. Loneliness epidemic: Being lonely is dangerous to your health Social connection…

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Elena’s Models blog covers issues of dating Russian and Ukrainian women online and in real life, offering tips for men how to succeed and what to watch out for. If charming Slavic ladies is your goal, this is your place to learn how. There are some specifics to international dating online, which are important to know. Our renowned experts are happy to render decades of their experience and knowledge to help you navigate the exciting waters of cross-culture romance with Eastern European girls.

Finding genuine relationships and love becomes simpler with this step-by-step, no-nonsense guidance and advice. Meet sincere women, avoid scams and traps, and have an adventure of a lifetime with the proven and tested tips from life coaches and users of online dating sites. If you got scammed or taken advantage of by pay per letter (PPL) or paid chat international dating sites offering easy introductions to Russian and Ukrainian girls, our users share their stories and years of practical experience of dealing with marriage agencies, to assist in understanding what happened and what can you do now.

Slavic women include ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other Eastern European countries and states of the former USSR. This advice will also assist you in establishing loving relationships with women from Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and other republics of the historical Soviet Union. Slavic women are known for their deliberate femininity, strong family ties, and devotion to the traditional marital structures, which are heavily promoted through their local media and cultural outlets. The majority of Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian women see family and children as their highest priority in life and the only way to find personal happiness.

With Internet widely accessible in Russia and Ukraine through Wi-Fi and mobile connections, more Slavic women are open to the idea of looking outside national borders in search of their true love. With gender ratios of only 86 men to 100 women country-wide, Slavic girls are choosing to investigate their dating options in other geographic locations, where they can find men of quality that is not available for them at home.

You will also find news items from post-USSR countries relating to everyday realities of life and relationships, to make your understanding of these modern European counties more up to date. Free from politics and negativity, our news are entertaining and fun. Contemporary research and studies of human relations, marriage, family, and demographics will assist in finding reliable models of communication that are proven to work in the realities of the second decade of the 21 century. Surprizing discoveries of today’s scientists and open discussion through comments allow you to share your opinions or ask questions.

Dating Slavic, Russian, and Ukrainian women in a multicultural and international environment that we share today is far from a mail order brides operation, but is an open and transparent experience of people from different locations connecting and sharing their ideas, thoughts, common goals and aspirations, without prejudice or borders. This blog allows you to learn more about modern life in countries of the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine and Russia, which is, most likely, very similar to what you are used to in your own country. In fact, you have more in common than you probably think.

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