Connect with gorgeous Ukrainian ladies for a relationship or dating. Since Ukrainians are allowed to travel to the states of European Union freely, without the need to apply for visas, there is a big demand to meet women from this country on Girls from Ukraine are also excited about new prospects. Men from Germany, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, and France are jumping on the opportunity to quickly connect with gorgeous Ukrainian ladies and develop a relationship, while the weather and regime are encouraging.

Great time to meet ladies from Ukraine

With cheap prices for memberships (only USD $259 for unlimited chat and video conferencing, with as many ladies as you please, on Elena’s Models Platinum plan) and airplane trips, the value of international relationships skyrocketed.

You can actually connect with someone genuine and meet up within weeks or even days. The interest to men from European countries is at its highest at this moment.

Whether you are seeking romance and dating, or thinking of something more serious, like a lifetime partnership, commitment and possibly starting a family, there are ladies who want the same things.

On Elena’s Models, Ukrainian women list their relationship goals in online profiles, so you can see if your and her plans are aligned.

Developing a trustworthy connection, where ladies are happy to visit your country for a personal meeting, only requires some time and openness. Definitely, it would assist to talk on Skype or video chat often, show the lady your photo ID, provide an address and phone number, so she is confident who you are and happy to accept your invitation.

Warm summer is the best time of the year to travel, when love and romance are in the air. Upgrade your membership plan today and start chatting to hot Ukrainian brides immediately!

Maybe, you will become another one of our online dating success stories. Hundreds of couples get together every month after connecting on Elena’s Models. It’s quick and effective!


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Visa free travel is a perspective opportunity for Ukrainian girls and not only for them. Many citizens go abroad to find a good job. On the other hand people leave their country because of economical crisis and not stable political situation.


I think everybody striving for a good life. I quite agree that the interest in European men is very high, i think its because in most Russians Europe associates with wealth, with a good careless life and therefore many women dream of marrying with an American or a Frenchman but striving for a good life, we lose our roots and values. I think that it is more correct to accept the person who will love and respect, regardless of your social situation. The foundation of your relationships is not Europe but love and understanding