Success, redefinedSuccess has become the Holy Grail of motivational speakers and life coaching. However, it may be time to redefine the drive to succeed, some researchers believe. Attaining material goals and having “more stuff” is no longer something that many people of the new generation see as fulfilling. Instead, there is the new idea of “thriving” that comes as a more viable way to live life.

Redefining success

New University of Portsmouth research has shown that thriving could essentially be as simple as being content with your life. It could also come from the fact that you’re really proficient at something.

Thriving, however, is not just surviving, which has been found to induce a mindset where respondents say things like “I’m not feeling good about my life”.

Science is trying hard to define the state of prosperity more effectively and help people to achieve it with ease, as well as redefining success.

The study

According to Dr. Daniel Brown, who is a University of Portsmouth exercise and sports scientist, most people would like to be described as “thriving”.

However, the word has not been sufficiently described and classified by science until now.

So, he put together research regarding the subject and this is what he found out by using data from studying babies, teenagers, adults, the elderly, artists, employees, and sportspeople for the purpose of coming up with the first definitive description of what thriving actually may be.

He further explained the long scientific quest for a better understanding of human fulfilment ever since the late 20th century. And now that the scientific focus has shifted towards the need to understand exactly how human beings can start functioning at a level that is as high as possible.

In Dr. Brown’s words, “what underpins it is feeling good about life and yourself and being good at something.”

Redefining successWhat thriving is?

When examining the art of moving happily throughout a variety of life’s stages, to thrive has sometimes been described as:

  • Focus
  • Learning
  • Mental toughness
  • Vitality
  • and/or often as a combination of all of those, as well as some other qualities.

In addition, thriving has often been examined in numerous other contexts, which can include child development, health, and even being in the military.

Dr. Brown’s recommendations

The good doctor has come up with recommendations for people who wish to attain the elusive quality of prospering in life: 6 things they need to have and 9 qualities that help it happen.

What thriving is

Those recommendations also include future research into whether thriving can actually have any lasting effect on individuals and could be considered cumulative in nature.

Dr. Brown hopes that these clearer definitions of what thriving really entails can help with setting a comprehensible course for people seeking not just success but wanting to feel great emotionally about what they do and how they live.

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