Russia: How much life is worth?Russians value their lives 53% lower than residents of other countries of the world. The latest findings of experts of the Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation together with the insurance giant Rosstrakh show that on average, locals value their lives at 1.2 million US Dollars, MK reported.

Average value Russians put on their lives is USD 1.2 million

By the cost of life specialists mean the size of a financial compensation sought by families of deceased Russians, if the loved one perished in the line of work or due to an accident.

The average expected number for this payment among residents of Russia is around $1,200,000, although 2 years ago it was $624,000.

Professionals pointed out that the more educated, wealthy and young the individual was, the higher was the number.

  • Respondents aged 18-30 would expect $7.7 mln.
  • College graduates estimated themselves to be worth around $6.8 mln.

Residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Ulyanovsk and Tyumen evaluated their worth the highest.

The lowest expectations were shown by people who live in Tolyatti, Khabarovsk, Yaroslavl, Penza and Nizhny Novgorod.

On average in the world, statistics show that people value their lives at around 2.6 million USD.

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