Pictures make your dating perfect

Just a note to all our wonderful gentlemen, Elena’s Models photo contest invites you to participate! It’s free to upload your picture and you may score US$500 if you win.

(Refer to our post about October contest for more information.)

Picture perfect

If you decided to give a go to the search for a potential partner in Russia, Ukraine, or Belarus—and you are not just playing but really want to get results—you need a good picture.

It will make your journey so much smoother that there is no point in trial and error while having below average pictures.

Here are some tips on how to make it happen for you:

You will notice a big change in your results on Elena’s Models once you upload better pictures. The change will be instant and dramatic.

It’s definitely worth to invest a few hours in making your picture perfect, so that you can quickly meet your dream woman!

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