Why men and women masturbate?Men and women have different motivation when they masturbate, American scientists discovered. For men masturbation is compensatory but for women it’s complementary, a recent research discovered.

Masturbation: Men compensate, women complement

It’s hard for men to understand women’s sexuality, just as it’s not easy for ladies to comprehend how guys feel about intimacy.

Hopefully, this new discovery by scientists from the University of Texas and Brigham Young University will be able to assist the two genders in getting a better idea about motivation for masturbation.

Over 15,000 of respondents aged 18-60 took part in the research.

After asking over 7.6 thousand of males and 8 thousand females about their sex lives, researchers drew conclusions:

  • Males predominantly compensate for unavailable sex.
  • Females complement sex with a partner with masturbation, to achieve more pleasure for themselves.

The participants were asked how often they indulge in self-pleasure, how often, and to which degree they were satisfied with their sex lives. The respondents also indicated whether they had a permanent partner.

Females who have little sex due to the lack of a partner engage in self-pleasure less frequently as compared to ladies in relationships. The opposite was true for males.

What does it mean for you?

Eastern European ladies often report that men who visit them expect quick intimacy. Not only that, they think girls must be really starved for sex.

One lady reported that a guy said to her, “Your pipes must be really burning…” Unsurprisingly, it put her off so much that there was no sex or future relationship.

  • Guys who are dating ladies long-distance should realize that the less sex a woman has, the less she wants it. Women’s sexuality is biologically different to men’s.
  • Ladies who you are talking to online don’t have the urge to jump in bed quickly. She first needs to start wanting it, and it takes time.

In general, women in Russia and Ukraine are more reserved. The “slut-shaming” culture is still very much in operation there, as opposed to the easy hook-up dating culture of western countries. It is also extremely unusual for Eastern European women to own a vibrator, while in the USA it’s a usual thing.

Remember: Females to do compensate, they complement. It’s biological.

There is the right way to start a sexual relationship and many wrong ways: Which one you choose will determine the long-term future of your union

Another recent study confirmed that for men physical attraction is the main motivator in starting a relationship, while for ladies it’s a man’s attentiveness to her that is the most important, before she agrees on taking it further.

So, before a woman feels comfortable to jump in bed with a man, she needs to be sure in his “serious intentions” regarding her. If we are talking about an Eastern European woman, she only wants intimacy with a long-term partner whom she can envision as her future husband, rather than doing it for fun and pleasure.

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Men expect so much from a woman yet do so little. They demand so much without trying to understand their partner’s needs. And women often are so reserved that they never open up to their own desires. A simple conversation would solve many problems but sadly many couples avoid talking and listening to their partner whatsoever.