Exposing the liberal media bias against international datingInternational dating has long been the base of creating new societies. United States itself is the country of immigrants who married, for the most part, someone from another nation. Any third generation American would have multiple ancestors with various backgrounds, from Irish to Scottish, English to Greek and Italian. The modern Australia, as we know it, developed by migrants. We have many members on Elena’s Models who have some Russian or Ukrainian roots. Thus, these men are curious about dating Eastern European women.  

However, when it’s about the modern day online personals and men talking to women in other countries, somehow these basic realities are forgotten. A U.S. female writer who herself moved to Canada to be with her boyfriend thinks she can label other people dating internationally “traffickers” or mail order brides. How does it work? There is an underlying idea that people chatting to men or women in other countries must have something wrong with them or have improper intentions. And any means are justified to find a proof.

Here is a report by an industry insider, C. Burns.

Exposing the liberal media bias against international dating

By C. Burns 

The mainstream media hates international dating. They call the beautiful young women mail order brides, a term which they have turned into a vicious pejorative. They call the Western men seeking to date and marry these young ladies even nastier terms painting them as rapists, kidnappers, and sex traffickers.

Usually, international dating advocates must accept the abuse, but recently the mainstream media made a big mistake this time. They cited sources that could be double checked.

In the Spring and Summer of 2015 a series of mainstream articles breathlessly recorded a Reddit discussion about international dating. One salacious headline on the Reddit promised, “Confessions of the men who paid thousands to marry mail-order brides… but who lived to regret it.” Another mainstream media source called the discussion, “The Reddit Thread That Shocked the Nation.”

However, when the staff of International Love Scout, a site that covers international dating news, went back and actually read through the nearly 10,000 comments that was not the case. The overwhelming majority of comments were either partially or completely positive! The selective quotations and prejudiced interpretations were stunning, because they were so blatant.

It was amazing. Many of the most negative comments were pulled out of context from longer quotations that were in fact positive. If anything should “Shock the Nation”, it is the nasty bias of the mainstream media.

But it is also sad, because of the scorn and contempt thrown on many successful marriages by these one-sided attacks. It is a LONG article, but if you care about exposing the liberal media against international dating you should check it out here.

It shows the lies and distortions that critics have used to paint international dating as an evil.


Objectification of Foreign Women into Mail Order Brides

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As I have Irish, British, Welsh, Choctaw, Cherokee, etc. in my DNA, I do see the multiculturalism in America. This crap is the very reason I don’t watch the news, whether it be local or national, because of all the bias, as CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and NPR were all in the pocket of Hillary Clinton.

Robert Brouillette
Robert Brouillette

How did the female jounanalist that went to Canada, “To be with her boyfriend” meet him? How much do you want to bet, they were on an online dating site. Back in the early days of North America, long before Canada, USA, and Mexico were established, many young ladies from Europe who were poor, homeless, hungry, were sent to be married in the New World. Europe was a land of a few very rich nobels and the rest were desitute. Cities were filled with poor people. And they were sent to the colonies. I met one lady on here, who… Read more »

Vicky P.
Vicky P.

News channels are always saying things that will give some benefits to the government. So it’s usless to take seriously anything they’re trying to convene. International couples are okay as far as it’s not a fetishising. Love is not about the natioanality, religion or country you live in, it’s about real feelings that can break any borders.